Lets try and make the case for Vega as a top 10 character in Ultra



Super Turbo Izuna Vortex Light.

If your opponent techs an izuna drop you will have enough time to setup an izuna grab on the first frame of an opponents wakeup. Characters without throw invincible reversals or have throw invincible reversals that require meter now are at a large disadvantage.

The amount of time before recognizing a tech is substantial probably one of the easiest confirms that will exist in ultra. So your opponent can decide if he wants izuna loop or standard setups with os.

Cr.Hp will time a safe jump off of techd izuna drop on 5 frame reversals or 4 frame reversals for the +1 frame chars like gen, blanka, dalsim.

Shoryuken izuna drop safe jump still exists, if they tech step back and time jump.mp with st.mk it is 11 frames longer than st.lk and tech adds 11 frames.

For those who have not played Ultra cr.hp is really really good anti air when properly spaced. It will pretty much beat all divekicks.

I will post about my thoughts on fadc rcf, red focus, and definsive options later.


Huh what are you talking about? All they have to do is delay their wake up if you try to go for the first frame of a tech wake up. It’s impossible to dive loop because of tech, regular, and delayed wake ups. You will never know which they are doing and you are at a serious disadvantage for guessing wrong. If you guess delayed or regular wake up and they tech then they will dash and focus attack for big damage. Seriously not worth the risk.

Otherwise, if you don’t delay, you whiff and they punish on recovery. Or, they simply reversal you since they have 5 frame window for it.


I agree, izuna loops will be too risky. Use the time to push the opponent into the corner, where vega can wreck massive kara throw/d/f+hk/zoning havoc.

In the world of delayed getup, setups are worthless, ring position and footsies will reign…hopefully with uppercut nerf and cr. fp buff, vega will maintain solid mid tier, if not improve slightly.


Ha, the entire SF4 engine and Tech pretty much killed any loop setups in the first place. It’s been 5 years now, this isn’t ST.


I don’t know about loops…but a tech message will appear when delayed wake up is input…if he doesn’t wake up right away means it is a delayed wake up…i don’t think this delayed wake up mechanich will change the game too much…eventualy people will come out with diferent set ups for delayed wake up…there will still be wake up games…safe jumps etc,if there wasn’t eany way to tell if the char will delayed wakeup then taht would be a massive blow to wake up setups



As you can see, its about 30f before the actual wake up. You can easily react to it.


Vega, top ten? Such a laughing matter.

CAPCOM hates the claw, and even after all these years of shitty Vega: We’re left with an ‘okay’ Vega. Though he’s still viable, and we can have a better chance against difficult matchups primarily cause of the new buffed AA and delayed wakeup.

Aside from that, we have to live with the fact that shotos get all the love. Doesn’t mean we can’t try to be bad-ass though.


After thinking again about Vega last night, I think I still love playing him in his current USF4’s state. What we need about this character is “okay and not weak character” so we might better show off how we are outsmart our opponents.
No more Cr.Lp +5, okay, so hard work again. I can do that for 4 years, so I have no problem.


Btw, there is no point in doing crHP to set up a safe jump for DWU after Izuna Drop when you have CH :slight_smile:


Funny thread title. Thanks for the laugh.


I think Vega beats the shotos by a tiny bit, those matches are always slow and plodding.


Top 10 what? Worst characters? Top 10 on being mediocre?


Top 10 for best weapon choice, in a game where there’s only a select few that use them. Kappa


top 10 in fabulousness


Lol someone needs to learn what “Spam” is.

You’ll also never see Izuna loops again. As fun as they were, let’s be serious, they’re were damn stupid.