Letter Calling News Anchor Obese Goes Viral [Video]




The media using anti bullying for their own benefit? :lol: I also like how she says the email didn’t bother her in the slightest and then goes on to read the shit on the air.


Lets all get butthurt because someone called me fat on the internet. I would love this dummy to go on one of spooky’s streams and have her read the stream chat.


That message was… well… not offensive.
Could she not have responded with something reasonable off the air? The message was clearly stating the concern with others watching, not so much about her. In fact, it even implies from the sender that they could care less about her.

It’s odd she used this message title more as an attack than anything else. Seems like it’s easy to trigger anyone now a days.


I think if this was a video about a thin and attractive news anchor it would be thread worthy.
Not that it really matters, the people who watch morning news shows are the dregs of society, an obese person with a sense of personal hygiene is the highest they can aspire to.

Anyway…This can be sent to die in the video forum.


what i dont understand is all the people defending fatty


I dont watch the news or whatever she is on but I will watch that show if they fire her for a slim girl.

I wonder how many times they had to do retakes when she sobbed and wiped the tears away with a cupcake


Because [S]their wives daughters sisters fathers brothers politicians booty calls[/S] they’re fat themselves.


LOL@ anti bullying month. How is bullying more prevalent today? I love people making baseless statements.


i almost spit out my water when i read wipe the tears away with a cupcake



first of all, yes i would tap that bbw ass up something serious. big old jams on her chest


probably a couple because it sounded like she wanted to cry a few times

3rd, why is she addressing this email to everyone. im surprised she didnt read it, and be like wow, this guy is kind of rude, delete it, and move on with her life.

im mad shes addressing her personal issues on air. must be some shitty little broadcast. lol. i was actually going to make this thread, but i was like, nah, srk dont give a fuck about this shit. the dude who said it apparently still was like yeah i said it, and stand by my email. hold dat.

girls are so silly. my shorty listened to, bands a make her dance, at work today, and shes like omg dont ever talk about juicy j around me again, that songs so horrible, it ruined my day, blah blah. giving me attitude at 920am. WUT?if you didnt like it, why didnt you just turn it off and be like, eh, this song sucks. i dont even know why you looked it up, because i say it randomly around the apt lately? smh

point being, girls do stupid emotional shit like this all too often, and then wonder why males talk shit about them behind their backs, and why they cant even get along with their own gender the same way that males get along. im like, for once, calm your emotional tides and think for a second, WHAT THE FUCK AM I TRIPPIN OFF OF, then move on to the next please. girls are so dumb sometimes its a wonder how they even manage to breathe, work, and generally function in this harsh reality we live in.

i guess women are lucky everyones always going to hand tissues to them when they whine, bitch, scream, and stomp their feet, so they continue with this horrendous behavior, which has only gotten worse, especially in america. if only i could whine, bitch, scream, blame things on my emotions and hormones and not only get away with it, but have people apologize to me for how im acting like a turd. LOL

the chubby news anchor deserves no shine, and your not being bullied. how are stating facts and opinion bullying you. he wasnt even that rude about it

and also this. lol


how do you medically/technically determine obesity anyway? I’m mostly stricken by how robot-like the guy’s email was. I was expecting to see some real shit you know, calling her a land whale and all that sort of thing.


Body Mass Index.

I’m just surprised they let her dedicate this much time on air to something like this. It can’t be the first time someone sent her hatemail about her weight.


that’s the most polite bully i’ve ever seen. and how dare her compare some guy asking her if she feels a responsibility as a public figure to have a healthy body to racism.


The best part is the second top comment. I don’t know why, but it just made me laugh.


How was this letter even remotely offensive?

The dude just asked that as an obese woman, can she really call herself a role-model for the young people.


fatty pls.


she obviously had a case of the Mondays…


Cupcake you say?


And play this video while watching the video with her. :lol:


Dude who wrote in isn’t a bully… just a well-intentioned tool. The letter boils down to “You are famous and also fat. Stop being fat.” Guaranteed neckbeard. He’s probably the kind of person who goes to city council meetings and complains about how late the parking meters run.

Forget the overblown nature of her response. It didn’t deserve a response at all. I can’t believe anybody would bother to entertain this nonsense.


I’m fat. Come at me. Sexually.