Letter grades at the end of the match


How do they work? I always get an A in offense and C’s in Defense and Technique. Once in a great while I might get a B or A for technique, but I have no idea why.

Does anyone know how this system works?


Defense= Depends on how much health you kept during the rounds.
Offense= How much damage you did
Technique= How many inputs you had that were clean. As in you went to do a hadouken and the only motions the game read were down, down-forward, forward+punch


Technique also counts when you Tech up after a tech-able knockdown or tech-ing grabs.


Offense grade = how much damage you did?

Wouldn’t that mean that you’re more likely to get an A for Offense if you went into a third round (in a best 2 out of 3 scenario), than if you beat your opponent two rounds straight?

Since each round you beat your opponent = 1 full bar’s worth of damage.


The game consults a magic 8-ball to get the base grade and then makes it slightly higher or lower depending on if you won or lost.

Remember Daigo’s full parry vs Justin’s chun in 2004? Do you know [media=youtube]pS5peqApgUA#t=2m35s"[/media]?
That is like, “Satisfactory”, haha. The grades barely mean anything other than “You won/lost and the game did/didn’t like you” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a carrot to jerk off the noobs when they see OMG “A”


I always thought the ratings were based on the “awards” you got for doing certain things - i.e. when you get “first strike” or “4-hit combo” it increases your offense rating, while things like teching throws increases your “technical” rating.


Everyone seems to have a different answer…I’m only asking because when I watch good players, they get A’s and B’s for technique most of the time. I’m trying to fish for something that will improve my game.


I don’t know the direct answer to how the grading system works, but if you are looking to improve, I believe it is best to completely ignore the grades.

A win is a win, and I feel like I know when I played on point and what I could have or should have done better. I’ve gotten bad grades just because I was losing at first but came back as hard as I could. When I can make a great comeback and win I’m not going to let some computer grading system take that away from me.

Also, I don’t believe you get a great grade for just out-poking the opponent, but that is a skill and if you win with just that you did a great job.

The grades are about as useful as a score, good for nothing IMO.


The technique grade is improved when you see the “technical” sign. This happens if you tech a throw or perform a quick stand up. It has nothing to do with the length of your combos or the cleanliness of your execution.

Honestly, these don’t matter. They are poor gauges of your actual abilities.