Letting people watch you do stuff and the Gargoyle



I’m the kind of guy that likes to let everything out in the open, you know? And one of my…fantasies(?), I guess you could call it, would be having someone watch or critique me as I do it with a girl. I finally got to fulfill this fantasy a few days ago.

Me, my friend and his little gay brother and these two girls were over at my friend’s house.
My friend’s little gay brother ended up getting drunk with the two girls and I told him “hey, how about you watch us while we do it?” and he’s like "OK, that’s cool"
The girl I was gettin it on with already knew him so she didn’t really care, but as we got upstairs, the little gay brother got more and more fucked up from the alcohol, so while the girl was goin down on me, he would come up really close, like literally a few inches from my weiner and would be like “oh fuck yeah, lemme smell that takes a big whiff” and would say some shit like “oh fuck yeah, smells like Lumpia and Adobo” or some random shit. I didn’t really care, it was pretty entertaining. (I’m Filipino btw, if you didn’t get the reference. For those that don’t know what Lumpia or Adobo is, Google it!)

Anyways, as the girl is goin down on me, I kept the light on and told him to critique us. He went downstairs, got a chair and some cigarettes and just sat down right next to us and smoked a cigarette while giving out advice to the girl, with such lines as “fuck yeah, deepthroat that fuckin’ Filipino eggroll” or “mmmmm fuck yeah baby girl, I’m gettin fuckin horny. I’mma get naked right now, maybe get a nice whiff of that Filipino turd cutter” though I must admit the last one wasn’t really advice…it was more of him just trying to smell my butthole for whatever reason. He also said some Fighting game references; at one point he was like “Oh yeah look at that, she’s doing the fuckin ROM infinite on his weiner, fuckin ROM FADC deepthroat” which I found pretty hilarious.

So I get naked, the girl gets naked and…well, the gay little brother has already been naked for a while now. The girl and I start getting it on, I’m on top, lights are still on, and we go at it for a few minutes until I hear some movement and fapping behind me. I didn’t really pay any attention until my friend walks in and he just bursts out laughing and goes “Dood, dood…THE FUCKIN GARGOYLE!” to which I turn around and see the weirdest masturbation position I’ve ever seen.
Basically the Gargoyle is when you’re completely naked, get on top of a desk or a table, put your feet behind your head, right hand is on your weiner jerkin off and left hand is keeping balance.
I made a terrible MS paint to show this -> http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/8494/gargoylebro.png

I start laughing hysterically, the gay little brother is just there jerkin himself off on top of the table with no care in the world while doing the Gargoyle, my friend is also laughing and I guess he came in to tell us he was done doing his chick and just wanted to see what we were up to and the chick I was doing was pretty mad because I lost my hard on from laughing hysterically and I just get off of her, lay down on the bed, laugh for a bit, sit up and put my pants on and go downstairs (I ended up finishing up the business with the chick later anyways)

Does anyone else share this feeling or fantasy? You know, of being watched or critiqued while doing a chick? I find it exhilarating because it’s like you’re performing for an audience, plus you get your own commentary.

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You are nothing if not consistent.


My fantasy is sex with a female


Was your dick laughing too?




They actually have quite a few clubs like this where you can have sex in front of strangers. Been thinking of trying it out for myself, minus the gay brother.


So you had sex while people jerked off. 3D porn!


Basically, but it was more of a critique type of thing. I don’t really consider it porn, just wanna know how well I’m doing from another point of view, you know? Like the chick could be lying for all I know.

I actually have been thinking about trying out one of those swinger clubs, but (un)fortunately(?) I don’t have a girlfriend, but also, I’d find it weird to share my gf anyways, especially if it was with my friend since he kinda has a bigger wang than I do so I don’t want anyone catching feelings, you know? It’d suck to lose your gf to your homeboy cuz he’s packin more heat and shit :frowning:


I’m waiting for the story where you space dock a chick.


No, you just take a chick into a room and people watch you through a window. That way you have a splatter guard and don’t have to worry about having your ass cheeks break out from all that bad skeet.


Hmmm, that sounds like some stuff from the movies. Honestly, that just sounds weird, but I kinda prefer them being like, right next to me or just talking to me. I actually had a conversation with my friend’s little gay brother as the chick was doing her thing. It wasn’t the most productive conversation but it was pretty cool


I am surprised that you didnt kiss a guy in your underwear this time.


thread of the year.

do the gargoyle.


Funny story actually. After we got done doin it, we all went downstairs and the two girls were like “hey, you two should make out”, pointing to my friend and I. I was like “well, what do we get in return?” and they were like "we’ll make out and do all sorts of shit"
It took a little while cuz we didn’t know if the girls were really trolling us or not, but I told them to make out first and then we’ll do it.
They started makin out while my friend and I just watched, we just laughed for a bit and when they were done, they were like "all right, your guyses turn"
My friend and I are like "…yeah, that’s pretty fuckin gay, but watchin you guys make out was pretty cool though"
lol, they got pissed but whatever

Seriously, I don’t even know where the hell the name came from, but it sounds hilarious


Yeah, forget that you were completely digging having some filipino guy jack off with his brown eye laser pointed directly at you while coaching you on how to have sexy time.

Kissing IS pretty fucking gay though.


The fact that he tried to sniff your butthole, and you didn’t fart in his face, makes this entire endeavor a failure.


o_O Filipino American pie???


i did this with my left hand


question for reference: when balancing, is the left arm behind the left leg or in front of it?


You act as if his farts don’t already smell like mango flavored lube.


Here’s my stab at a MagnetiX story …

*So the other day me and my friend were sitting in my living room waiting for some girls to come over. We put on some porn and masturbated through the holes we cut in our pockets. I insist on this because my friend’s dick is bigger than mine (which I know because we sometimes play piano with our boners), and I don’t want to feel embarrassed while jerking off on the same couch. *

So anyway, these random girls come over and just start taking their tops off. But then one of them looks up and sees my friend’s little brother. He’s wrapped legs around a blade of the ceiling fan and is just hanging upside down, naked, spinning super fast in a circle and jacking off. We call this “The Cyclone.”

*So I was like “Wtf?” and his brother was like “Quit being so gay”, but he wouldn’t get down. So the girls started saying they wanted to have sex, but first they wanted to see us do something first. We were both like “No way!” but they said we had to do something with each other first or we couldn’t have sex with them. So we 69’d on the couch for 2 hours, but then the girls didn’t even wanna have sex! So we kicked them out of the house and finished each other off, while his little brother was spinning around, upside down, asking us all the questions about our techniques. So I was like “STFU! You’re being so annoying.” LOL, he was being so gay. *

*Don’t you hate it when that happens? *