LeVar Burton Wants to Bring Reading Rainbow Back


…with your help!

This is kind of nuts. I appreciate his enthusiasm in spreading literacy around the world. On the other hand, does he have nothing going for him right now?

Srk mafia xvi: shards of alara - game over: alaran civilians win!

I want this to happen. Reading Rainbow was one of the best parts of elementary school. They’d roll in that TV cart and man…


need DMX to do the song

Seriously though this needs to come back.


probably going to be the only kickstarter i support. btw the first 3 min has to be a giant donald glover/community reference…damn you levar…way to bait my generation.


he can direct the show but idk…



Yeah, this needs to happen. The level of reading in schools astounds me. People don’t read anymore. I’ve even gotten lazier about it. Those books on Reading Rainbow looked so much fun and it made me really want to go out and check them out from the library. Kids need that sort of motivation, since parents don’t do jack shit anymore.



well for me as a kid i hated reading…cause i was forced to do it. it wasnt like tv or video games was a big distraction…just school took the love out of reading. the harry potter series gave it back a little bit…but i wonder if its the same for other kids.


Reading Rainbow was the GOAT SHOW.PBS had the game on lock


Reading Rainbow was one of my favorite things to watch as a kid, so I’m actually tempted to donate to this.

If Reading Rainbow comes back they need to get Bill Cosby doing Picture Pages again.

Perhaps then we can begin to mend the damage Rap Music and the Boondocks have done to black culture.




Dat 3-2-1 Contact, though.


someone misses the point of the show boondocks. I would love for Reading Rainbow to come back would give my son something nice and educational to watch.


I love the Boondocks.

Also: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sarcasm


nothing in that sentence implied sarcasm…now stupidity…


Yeah… That sarcasm kinda was missed. Unless you put /sarcasm. Just a FYI.

I might donate cause this was my shit as a kid. I read a fuckton as a child because shows like this( and having a mom that loved reading). Even if it’s an eBook, getting reading back into our lives, reading is fuckin’ fundamental. And no fuckin’ pictures either. Use your damn imagination.

I’M TALKING TO YOU, DAD. :mad: :mad:


Considering supporting this. Used to be my favorite PBS program for sure.


Don’t speak on mending culture you don’t live in.


I was trying to poke fun at the people who claim such media is ruining a culture.

Oh well. People are sensitive.

Bitch, get the fuck off my people’s continent.

/overly sensitive



Tell that to the mother fuckers that shipped me over here, lol.


I’ve never heard Boondocks being the contribution of ruining black culture. Now rap music, B.E.T. and media in general I have heard so it was kind of easy missing your intended sarcasm.