Level 3 canceling


Ive been Trying 2 lvl 3 cancel like shown in the xerocrew combo vid , but i cant seem 2 get da hang of it :confused: .1st of all I dont know how 2 cancel (ive heard its all about timing ) but i could be wrong so some help would be nice .2nd this damn GC analog is getting 2 me but i seem 2 be getting da hang of it so if u guys have any tips 4 playing on da analog plz share them and wat do u guys think of this team ( C groove , Guile , Blanker(2) & Bison )


c groove is all about hitting someone with a level 2 and then a level 1 in ONE combo :slight_smile:

but it isnt about timing, well ur half right. ue got to be fast, thats all… its like c.mk this is just an example ppl
c.mk of ken:::

it goes out
it goes in

before it goes out, u shoudlve press qcf+p so the fireball comes out immediately, so it combos


The only canceling you can do is cancel a LvL 2 super in C groove into any lvl 1 super or any special move. There is no timing on this, you can cancel the level 2 super at ANY time of the super, even at the end after all the hits land…


I suggest if you want to do a level 3 into a level 1 then go with N-groove. But only a few characters can do this. Like Terry,Kim and Geese and some others but I can’t remember right now. Also this doesn’t require cancelling. ex. After u do Terry’s lv3 busterwolf while the opponent is still in the air u can do his lv1 power Giezer. Hope this helps a little. Peace

P.S yo Mega Zangief wut up homie!!!


IM talking about 2 guys doing lvls 3s at da same time and canceling each other out like shown in the XEROCREW VIDEO thats on this site !!!


I love how much sense this thread makes. C-Blanker is top tier IMHO… That attack where he erases you is too good.


yes. C-blanker is top tier. :lol:

and stuff on combovideos are either

-hard to perform
-not practical
-no good setups for the cool stuff

so it’s usually not worth learning.

imo, id change someone else for Bison, he does have tools to beat people but some more people have better tools than C-bison, some one like Balrog teh boxer has teh great tools.


Its strange that no knows wat im talking about its like im da only guy whos seen da xerocrew video :confused: but anyways ive changed my team 2 N groove ( Terry , Blanka ( 2 ) Bison) i think N groove helps these chars alot but could u guys give me some more input .


Actually, everyone’s seen it, and it’s old news. Part of the reason your message isn’t getting across is because you’re using the wrong terminology. “Super cancels” are reserved for C-Groove discussion in REAL CvS2. The xerocrew video is a showcase for the tech throw glitch. It requires 2 people to do it, and when a tech throw occurs you immediately do a special/super.



If you perform a crouching forward kick with Ryu, it is possible to cancel this attack into a hadouken. :eek:


Cr mk. to fb is a 2 in 1 not a cancel.


Ummm… a 2 in 1 is a cancel. You cancel the recovery of the move with a special or super move (as opposed to a link, where the recovery+startup of the following move is less than the stun of the first move on the opponent).

“2 in 1” is just one term that is used to describe this phenomenon. People have used “buffering”, “comboing (off of)”, and “canceling” interchangeably over the years. It’s only the new generation that is trying to distinguish the terms - e.g. “buffering” has taken on a new meaning… I’ve heard it used for what we old schoolers used to simply call “pumping (a motion)”, and also for motion shortcuts (doing repeated FBs instead of DPs in a custom = buffering in their terminology).

I’m guessing you’re a member of the new generation…