Level 3 XFactor discussion

Now that the game is out I feel this needs to be discussed.

People rumoured that lvl 3 Xfactor only increases your damage by 30% when in fact it almost doubles the damage and lasts for 20 seconds.

And that’s ignoring all the other benefits it gives, speed bonus, one move cancel, and health regeneration.

I’ve played my fair amount of matches the last two days and it seems that in most lvl 3 xfactor decides the game.

It makes almost every bnb combo a 100% combo with one meter.

It may be “balanced” by the fact that everybody has access to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to the match flow.

In the end it doesn’t really matter what you do with your first two chars as long as you can land 3 hits with your last character with Xfactor.

As an example sentinel with lvl 3 xfactor if he does standing.H cr.H xxx rocket punch it does 500k damage, that’s a ranged attack with no meter.
Sentinel Sweep >Launcher > M > H > S does 320k without lvl 3 xfactor and 770k with lvl 3 xfactor. that’s just crazy.
Wolverine: ABCD >ABCD does 320k without and 690k with lvl 3 xfactor, so it’s not just sentinel.

Chun Li: J.C B C f.C B C cr.C S j.BB j.C LLegs j.c jump j.BB j.C jump j.bb j.c upkicks does 1.165.000 dmg in lvl3 factor, it can be done anywhere on the screen, required no meter nor good executioni

what are you guys thinking about it?

I think the damage boost component should be removed entirely.

comeback mechanics, get used to them


Judging from the strategy guide samples, it alters every character’s speed and damage differently.

you don’t think that doing 1.100.000 damage with chunli, which kills almost every character 100%, without meter starting from a jab or jumping attack isn’t too much?

maybe but every character seems to roughly more than double the damage.

lvl3 X-Factor,I have no problem with it. It’s just a upgraded baroque,and its true comeback potential is only when you are down to the last character.More like a double edge sword use it early then its true purpose is gone,use it later you have a deadly weapon.

If you’re in the lead, just runaway till X-Factor wears off.

man up and learn how to deal with it, seriously, people that comes from ssf4 as their only game dont know shit about what its insane


I think it plays into the strategy of the game. To get that kind of damage out of XF you have to have one char left, and be offensive. That’s a tall order in most cases, and against a team of 2 or 3 that can be a pretty tall order. It depends on who you’re fighting and your team and the situation when you want to XF. Given the other possibilities(cancelling, >Hyper>DHC etc.) it seems equalized with the damage output at the end of the match. It seems more worth it to me to burn XF on destroying the opponents point char ASAP if you know they built a team around them… my 2 cents.

even if you manage to run out 20 seconds without getting hit once and not get chipped to death, it’s still makes the mechanic retarded if you are forced to run away in every match until it runs out.

yes, HnK is the pinnacle of fighting games and every game should play like that.

It isn’t that much of a problem if you are in the lead. And even then guess what? If they somehow manage to knock two of your characters with a Level 3 X-factor, guess what you have now? A level 3 X-factor. I mean unless you get TOTALLY dogged and lose all 3 of your guys to a level 3 X-factor… then there is no hope for you.

I guess the mindset for people bitching about lvl3 XF is that its auto win,just put the controller down and let your character go autopilot.

Kekz, i think once we play the game a bit more (or in my case GET it lol) we’ll become more familiar with whats punishable for whom so i don’t think being chipped out will be such a problem and running won’t be a viable strategy anymore.

Alternatively, save your XF, bait them after they use theirs, and punish. The damage boost is a pretty cool addition I think. It makes every character scary, forces you to rethink your gameplay in a tight situation. It’s not like they’re impossible to keep off of you, use assists or anti air moves or whatever.

If any of you had actually played the game you would knew how easily this happens.
All it takes is one hit, your first character dies you new one comes in and gets thrown into 50/50 mixup and if you guess wrong this character is also dead and so on.

even if it’s balanced by the fact that you can do the same it gives way to much emphasis on the very last character which is retarded imho.

I’m looking at playing Trish, and a friend of mine has been trying to think of good counters, when i brought up the fact i can just XF then do massive chip damage to him if we get down to the wire it made him shit his pants.

What do you mean 50/50? Char specific?

It is in the game and it is not going anywhere. Deal with it. You can whine about it all you want in the general discussion sticky.