Level|Up Presents SSF4:Arcade Edition Tournament @ Round 1 Arcade! CoI,Ca. Feb. 5

Level|Up Presents SSF4:Arcade Edition Singles Tournament @ Round 1 Arcade!

Round 1 Bowling & Amusement is a Japanese-style arcade that features the latest games and attractions for the casual to avid gamer. Welcoming their first of many fighting game events in SoCal, Level|Up is proud to present their SSF4:Arcade Edition singles tournament! The tournament will feature AE on 4 linked Viewlix cabinets, live stream broadcasting/recording by Level|Up, and professional commentary. Round 1 will also make it spicy by providing awesome prizes to winners from their prize vault!

Hosting and serving the community will be our good friend Mike ‘Suiken’ Khieu, Tekken top player and the arcade floor manager at Round 1, to make sure everything runs smooth. He’s a long supporter of the fighting game scene so feel free to ask him any questions regarding Round 1 or if you just want to say hi.

Level|Up 1 Year Birthday Party! :party:
After the tourney is over and all the madness settles, Level|Up invites you to our 1 year birthday party at Round 1’s Karaoke booth and bar! Enjoy some good times and drinks with the crew as we celebrate 1 year of serving the fighting game community in SoCal! Embarrassing pictures welcome~ :sweat:

Stream URL:

Feb. 5, 2011


Standard Double Elimination Bracket
2/3 Prelims - Winners Finals
3/5 Grand Finals
All characters allowed

64 Man Cap
You must post in this thread to RSVP

Venue Fee:
Pay to play .50 aka 2 credits


Prize Distribution:
1st - 70% 2nd - 20% 3rd - 10%
Round 1 prize vault goodies to winners TBD

Round 1 Bowling & Amusement
1600 S Azusa Ave
Industry, CA 91748
(626) 964-5356

Reserved for RSVP!

  1. Valle
  2. Wong
  3. Combofiend
  4. Marn
  5. Floe
  6. Mike Ross
  7. James Chen
  8. AndyOcr
  9. Warahk
  10. Tatsu
  11. LainySky
  12. evilragnarok
  13. DJ Divine
  14. Kapwan13
  15. FilthySal
  16. G Unit Ver 1
  17. RandomUltraDavid
  18. Keno
  19. beefenchilada
  20. 187tony
  21. Bumsomite
  22. fidodidotriplex
  23. Redrapper
  24. MRHAN
  25. Spac3ship
  26. SuperFX
  27. Warren H
  28. Kirrus
  29. BlaqskillZ
  30. Paro-Da
  31. Chaithai
  32. ComboJack
  33. IkeTakeda
  34. Choysauce
  35. Binkley
  36. Noirtoise
  37. Hungbee
  38. Gungravezero
  39. Shirts
  40. Ultradavid
  41. Image
  42. WonderChef
  43. Hugo 101
  44. Viral_Sal
  45. Tommy D
  46. Calisean
  47. thatboyrichy
  48. Fuson
  49. Gabriel
  50. ETR
  51. Gnarblast
  52. Jayce
  53. Richard Nguyen
  54. Joonthebaboon
  55. Renso
  56. Roman4328
  57. Klumzrice
  58. RandomRaptor679
  59. Shankar
  60. DJ Vest
  61. BlakDaniels
  62. SAB
  63. SherryJenix
  64. MYK

RSVP please :wink:


Do you need our character selection?

Hmmm maybe I will go to this.



Also Choysauce want a RSVP

RSVP - Kapwan
I’ll probably use Guy still since my Yang isn’t good enough yet.


RSVP me please!

(After I scrub out I can drown my sorrows in Karaoke!)

RSVPing as well.

Rsvp!!! RandomUltraDavid


see u guys there

RSVP Rose U2 FTL =(

RSVP plz.

RSVP me and also bunsomite “sonny” would want to be RSVP as well

RSVP Master valle!! time to crack my nuckles…finally the first SSF4AE tournament…





ill be there to kill shit