Level|Up Presents Wednesday Night Fights @ Dave & Buster's On The Block At Orange

Level|Up proudly presents Wednesday Night Fights @ Dave & Buster’s On The Block At Orange!

Wednesday Nights Fights is a place where friends, new comers, and veterans grind out the highest quality competition Southern California has to offer. Mentored by Street Fighter Legend Alex ?CaliPower? Valle, WNF features tutorials, top player matches with commentary, and various viewer participation events via our Live Stream Broadcast @ http://www.justin.tv/leveluplive or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/leveluplive .

Wednesday Night Fights Trailer:

The Play Room
Eat Drink Play with us at ‘The Play Room’ north of the billiards and entrance to The Midway Arcade.
This room has a small projection screen, plenty of room and tables, and houses a max capacity of 127 people!

1 Stream Station:
Super Street Fighter 4
Alex Valle SSF4 Tutorial
Exhibition Matches
Viewer Participation

8 Training Stations:
Super Street Fighter 4
BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)
WNF Training (Beta):

Tekken 6 BYOC Stations
Starting May 19, 2010
4 Units Max

Dave & Buster’s On The Block At Orange:
20 City Boulevard West
Orange , CA 92868
Phone: 714-769-1515

Every Wednesdays
8:00PM - Midnight
(Advanced notice will be given for off days)

$5 Play all night
Wristband system will be in effect
Spectators are welcome, but only wristband bearers are allowed to play.
No RSVP needed!

Event Director:
Alex “CaliPower” Valle

Operations Manager:
Jimmy “ShinJN” Nguyen

WNF Stream Producers:
AJ “PotatoHead” Papa
Frank “Shinginh” Reyes

House Policies:
Dave & Buster’s is open to the public, however, you must abide by the house policies of the establishment.

*Level|Up is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
**Level|Up staff can eject any groups/individuals that cause harm or malicious intent from WNF at anytime.
Individuals caught soliciting Level|Up sponsors/clients will be permanently BANNED from ALL Level|Up events.

For more information on Level|Up events or interested in community programs and media, visit our site:

Facebook Fan Page:

Follow @levelupseries


[CENTER]Wednesday Night Fights Debut @ Dave & Buster’s On The Block At Orange Updates!

Eat Drink Play!

Stream URL:

Wednesday Night Fights 5/26/2010 Agenda
Wednesday Night Fights Training (Beta)
Viewer Participation

WNF Training Rules:
Time: 9PM-11PM (Or until finished)
Format: Round Robin (Everybody plays everybody 1 set)
Set Details: 2/3 Rounds 2/3 Games
Top 2 tally from Station 1 will play FT10 starting next week WNF 8:30PM
Lowest 2 tally from Station 1 will be demoted to Station 2/3
Top tally from Stations 2 & 3 will be promoted to Station 1
Ties will be settled in 1 game sudden death match
3 way tie will be settled by chance game (closest number challenge aka Pick a Number)
Winner of chance game is immune for sudden death match

Station 1 will be featured on the stream this week.
Rival matches will be the top 2 scorers from Station 1 and will play their FT10 on next week’s WNF.
Why are these guys your rivals? Cause you are about equal skill level accomplishing equal defeats.

TEKKEN Community - We didn’t forget about you :woot:
Starting May 19, 2010 we’ll supply a BYOC ONLY space for Tekken 6!
That means you guys will be responsible for bringing your own equipment! (4 Units Max)
The players that bring an entire set up(Monitor/PS3) will have FREE admission to WNF!

$5 Play all night
Wristband system will be in effect
Spectators are welcome, but only wristband bearers are allowed to play.
No RSVP needed!

More updates coming soon![/CENTER]

im in there like swimwear

will be there. see you guys weds!

guess who’s back.

Celebrating 5 de Mayo with SSF4!? Nice i’ll def. be there.

finally a gathering close by. See you guys wednesday! :smiley:

Sounds like alot of fun!

I’ll be there to support

Let’s get krunk ladies and gentlemen. Alcohol and SSF4 every wednesday night… no… it can’t be… a dream come true? haha.

I’m in

I shall be there once again. This is pretty close to mah job.

By “there” I meant at the bar eating a philly cheese steak.

I’ll be there…

immabee there immabee there

I’ll be there, party hat on.
Might be bringing some special guests with me =)

–Jay Snyder

Someone coming out of retirement I see =)

Glad to have you Jay


I’d like to attend, but I’m 18. How can I get in?

18 and over is ok sir,

Underage should be ok too as long as you stay in the Play Room. I’ll have to confirm.

i would like to go.