Level Up PSN

I want PSN players to start leveling there games up. I want this thread to be a resource to find great players and to get into endless rooms with people who are serious about the game.

This thread will serve as a database to find people who play each character to a high level. It will also serve as a way to schedule and set up endless sessions in order to level up your game.

List of High Level Players by Character

?Abel: Imnotthatrude
?Balrog (Boxer): Mybodyisinfested
?C. Viper: Porkloafking
?Dee Jay:
?El Fuerte: Metroxylon
?E. Honda: Jewelman_
?Fei Long: Musicofthedamned
?Guile: Rayhee
?Guy: Imnoththatrude, Mybodyisinfested
?Hakan: Metroxlon
?M. Bison (Dictator)
?Rose: Metroxylon
?Sagat: Revolver_STI
?T. Hawk:
?Vega (Claw): Rugalitarian

This list is obviously not finished thats where you can help out. The people on the list are only guys i play with and know for a fact are great players who know there characters ins and outs. Post up the names of guys who you session with enough to know there monsters.

I have a chatroom setup called LevelUP SRK which i am on way too much of my adult life. Add me on PSN and i will send you a chat invite, from there we should have alot of people getting endless rooms together and discussing their matches.

Hopefully this will be enough to help the online community move out of scrubdom and into something better.

Eventually I will be holding Tourneys through this thread with prizes… In the form of PSN credit since blaze is indisposed at the moment.

The level of play on PSN needs to rise. Playing PSN is just painful, as it is.

There’s an IRC chat that I go to that features PSN players that are trying to level up. There’s lot of good discussion in there.

#streetfighter4 on quakenet.

If you don’t have an IRC client, you can get to it through webchat.quakenet.org.

As for good players, um… maybe I’ll list some later.

EDIT- Honestly… this isn’t gonna help. This is just gonna be a thread about listing players, and very few players are gonna actually play these guys…

The reality is, even if all these “high-level” players were to play each other, and loads of other players on PSN all the time, the overall level of play would not rise at all. The problem with PSN play, and this includes plenty of guys that post here, and some of the players that I’m sure will wind up being listed as “high-level”, is that almost zero players on PSN actually think.

People do all sorts of stupid shit on PSN that shows that players either A) just dont think or B) haven’t bothered to learn the intricacies of characters, and playing against these characters isn’t enough. Like… if you don’t know the properties of your opponent’s moves, you will make shitty decisions all the time. It’s inevitable.

This is PSN.

A bunch of players that don’t know shit, playing at varying levels of knowledge… making horrible decisions… maybe winning, maybe losing… definitely not getting better.

If you want to raise the level of play on PSN, raise your own game. Up your knowledge. Up your level of thought. Fuck people up. Make them improve or just quit (either one is fine with me, really).

All these “hey guys!!! Let’s have Endless sessions!” posts aren’t gonna do it. Play, THINK, share info, go to real tournaments, etc. That’s how we’re all gonna get better.

Porkloafking looks out alot for people who need viper

but yeah idk , fighting games requires wisdom , self responsibility, and alot people still don’t get that

but I could understand everyone on THAT list fighting each other , but other than that ,no point

Its a recourse if you need experience with a matchup and PSN is the only option then you know who to go to.

OK, but you’re making two assumptions here that I don’t think are necessarily true.

  1. These “high-level” players know the match-up that you want to learn.

  2. These guys want to play a bunch of randoms that need help.

The bigger issue, again, is that I don’t think match-up experience is the problem most players have. It’s just clear to me that PSN players don’t think. Even the best players… there are only a few that actually think. Match-up experience isn’t gonna help that… and honestly… the match-up experience is worthless to most players, since they hardly pay attention anyway.

Match-up experience certainly can’t hurt, but my problem with threads like this isn’t that it’s a horrible idea or anything… it’s that it sets a false standard. It gives players the impression that this is the way to get better, but the reality is that it’s only a tool, and a tool that will be misused, unless you step your shit up otherwise. Players need to work on learning the game, and playing doesn’t always help that. Learn the game. Learn your character, and learn how to think. Then worry about the rest.

I think this is definitely a good idea. It allows people that feel they are good to actually play against people who will potentially kick their ass and most likely know what they’re doing. Finally getting to that realization that just because they play ranked match’s doesn’t mean shit if u don’t play from experience and know the in’s and outs of match ups. Hopefully taking your game to the next level. Good work Jarekov, HAV i think majority of people understand what Jarvekov’s intentions are no way is this going to help your game completely but a little help is better than none. Ultimately you have to help yourself with changing your play style and understanding of the game.

true, makes me want to get an Xbox just to fight better players, so I’m def. interested in this idea of high level endless rooms.

Add me to the list, I main guy with 3600 ranking and i’m always looking to improve.

Although I shouldn’t be posting their ids without permission, oh well

Three guys who are monsters…
Riclim (He is a monster with Rose)

So this is why I was invited to that chat. I’m pretty ass compared to jewelman and pork, but I’d like to help out.

lol you got that street cred lee.

If anyone wants some matchup experience against fei send me n invite… I’d like to help out

I need some help myself D:

^ this guy is a good player without a doubt, with many of the cast (i’ve played ~10 of his characters).

And tbh, I really don’t think I should be on this list for either of those characters. I sucks. I’m not trying to fish for compliments or anything, I think I’m genuinely bad compared to actually good players. thanks for the thoughts though

i’ll still probably drop by the chat though to offer any help that I can

Id be down for this.

your overly modest, i play with a ton of guy players and you and body are the only ones im 100% free against.

Blanka- TagxTx3

i hate when you go higher pp and the people on psn conncection sucks ass

I think that the higher level players are just spread out so you’re more likely to get a bad connection.

P.S. The room is always empty ;(

I like the idea of this thread, I can see it helping me out at least.
Does anyone know a decent Cody player? Almost all of the ones I face on PSN are pretty bad.

I’m a brand new Rose player. I think I have a fairly solid Honda, but I’m trying to branch out. I’d love some tips and or play sessions…

WaningWarrior is my PSN ID.

yeah ive taken a week off of SF since im not going to evo anyway. I’ll be back on later this week to try and get some good games in.

If you guys can and want, you can add me on PSN. Im looking for great players so i can level up my game. Please state that you came from this site.

I’ll play. Add my PSN.

I already do all that except go to tournaments, but that’s because there’s no tournaments within my area or they’re too far away (no ride to get there). That just leaves endless sessions for me.