Level|Up SSF4:AE Tournament @ Round 1 Industry, Ca.Results Feb. 5, 2011

Thanks for all your continuous love and support SoCal! We’re going to make 2011 the year of opportunity for those that dedicates themselves for community progression.

SSF4: AE Top 8 Results

  1. Marn - Yun ($448, Mad Catz Chun li TE, Star Wars Toy, $100 Credit Round1)
  2. E.G. Justin Wong - Yang/Makoto ($128, Mad Catz TE, Domo Toy, $50 Credit Round1)
  3. Tatsu - Vega ($64, Tritton Headset, Stuff Bear Toy, $25 Credit Round1)
  4. Combofiend - Makoto/Guy
  5. Jayce - C.Viper
  6. OnlineTony213 - Seth
  7. ComboJack - Fei Long
  8. ClakeyD - Honda/C. Viper/Ibuki

*Thanks to Round 1 for hosting the tournament and being supportive of the fighting game community. Much love to Round 1’s Suiken for being the ambassador to the FGC and catering to the success of the tournament!

*Thanks to our commentators James Chen and Ultradavid aka the Chick Hearns and Stu Lantz of the FGC! =)

*Thanks to Markman/Mad Catz for their continuous efforts in showcasing community support! We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

*Thanks to Brandon/Triumvir for supporting the community with awesome gear! Let’s run it back good sir!

To my Level|Up Comrades:
The sacrifices to make the community a better place has been our biggest challenge. You stood tall and overcame unnecessary beatings which resulted in today’s successes. I’m extremely thankful for the passion in your work and the comradery in our team. We now know what to expect and how to deliver when the time comes =)
I love you all!

See everyone at Weds Night Fights on Feb. 16! :party:

Tattttttttttsuuuuuuuujinnnnnnnnnnkennnnnn <3

Thanks for everything as always, Mr.Valle. You’re like a father to us. I love you too. :wink:

Great tournament! I watched from the side lines of the stream ( I wish I was there…). Congrats to Marn using Yun I wish his classy Boxer was on the line.

peace out cUDDY:cool:

Congrats to all the placers! R1 loves youzzz! Also sorry to Marn and AJ…someone won the Ipad…

I am not happy with my performance. I am coming back harder. Sacrifices will be made.

stop wasting meter

good job tatsu!

shout out to the level up team for a hype tournament and to round 1 for a damn good arcade and to snake eyes for playing on a cab


Shout outs to the Level Up guys for continuously working so hard to organize & stream events & make them successes. Shout out to Chen & David for being there to commentate, for Mark because he showed off new MadCatz AND his flowing locks. Dude is seriously the Vanna White of this scene.

Thank you to guys at Round 1 (Suiken!) for the space and always being so quick to work on any problems with cabs (even when there isn’t a tournament going on).

Also a special shout out to Jay Jay because she knows that Guiness is an appropriate breakfast meal.
Oh right and a shout out to Keno for that cool shirt he was wearing lol

leaving EG and then beating justin. fucking godlike mr marn!

Im displeased with my match against Justin… couldve done a lot better, ill get those jitters out of me soon enough!

Shouts to Level|Up (all y’all), Suiken/Round 1 and MarkMan/Mad Catz for making yesterday hella fun. Also shouts to “sup meigns” and signed commemorative wife beaters, too good.

Props: the above mentioned, JJ for drinking before 2 with me, JR for reppin that Hawk, Rickstah for giving in to whiskey and Jack for always talking that shit with me

Slops: me for not knowing how to play this game properly and Sanchez for not showing up

See everyone at WNF in a couple

and also, i really enjoyed Valle’s speech to all of us before the tournament ahaha

“weve been playing for 2 years now, theres no reason you should suck”

Who eliminated Keno? I did not see it on the stream.

lol gotta love how he keeps it classy

Congrats to the placers

Sucks I couldn’t make it…caught the flu :sad: