Level|Up x Tournament Legacy Present Weds Night Fights @ SRC!

[CENTER]Weds Night Fights 2011
Level|Up and Tournament Legacy present Weds Night Fights 2011! SoCal?s premier training grounds for competitive fighting games returns with a new home, more games, and a ranking system! This year we?re at the SRC, formerly known as the Proud Bird, and we?ve got an entire season of WNF sessions for everyone to enjoy!

WNF Ranking Card System
WNF will feature a ranking card system throughout a series of Super Street Fighter 4 / Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournaments. After achieving a certain amount of ranking points, players will receive their official WNF card status. Upon acquiring a card, there will be special perks such as discounted registration, raffles for gaming peripherals/video games, seeding for major events and much more!

How it works:
Players will compete in a 64man tournament and battle it out through top 8. When the tournament is over, the top 8 players will receive WNF ranking points(RP) and entered in our database. Tied for 5th and tied for 7th place must play a 2/3 match to determine their exact placing. After every 4th tournament, players will receive a card status and perks will begin in the following season.
Note: RPs will reset when a new season begins.
Ranking Points:
1st Place = 8 pts. 2nd Place = 7 pts. 3rd Place = 6 pts. 4th Place = 5 pts.
5th Place = 4 pts. 5th Place = 4 pts. 7th Place = 3 pts. 7th Place = 3pts.

CaliPower gets 1st on Feb.16 = 8pts
CaliPower gets 3rd on Feb.23 = 6pts
CaliPower gets 4th on Mar. 2 = 5pts.
CaliPower gets 4th on Mar. 9 = 5pts.

24 pts.

Card Status:
Rank Titles for MvC3/SSF4/TK6

WNF Seeding:
Top 8 card holders will be seeded starting in Season 2.
Ranking Points will also reset back to 0 after every Season is over.

Major Seeding:
Weds Night Fights ranking card system will seed players by skill into Tournament Legacy’s Revelations! The average scores of all seasons will determine your respective seed for MvC3 and SSF4 brackets!
Season Programming:**

Offcast Stream: www.justin.tv/offcast
Level|Up Stream: www.ustream.tv/channel/leveluplive

Season 1:
Offcast: Feb.23, Mar.2
Level|Up: Feb. 16, Mar. 9

Season 2:
Offcast: Mar. 16, Mar. 23, Mar. 30,
Level|Up: Apr. 6

Season 3:
Offcast: Apr. 13, Apr.20, Apr.27,
Level|Up: May.4
Season 4:**
Offcast: May.18, May.25, Jun.1
Level|Up: Jun.8

WNF Cards:
Will be revealed on Mar.9
How to register:**
You must RSVP your attendance in this thread to compete in the WNF tournament.
Post your RSVP/Handle/Game(s) (Example: RSVP CaliPower/SSF4)
RSVP will be capped at 64 players for SSF4 and MvC3
RSVP will be capped at 32 for TK6

Casual/WarmUps Start Time:

Tournament Start Time:

Closing Time:

SSF4 WNF Tournament Buy-in: $5

MvC 3 WNF Tournament Buy-in: $5

MK WNF Tournament Buy-in: $3

Tekken 6WNF Tournament Buy-in: Free

SSF4 Tournament Director:
Alex Valle

MvC 3 Tournament Director:
Shankar Tablada

MK Tournament Directors:
Krazyie Bone / Torn Apart

TK6 Tournament Directors:

***Season 3 Prize Distribution: ***
1st 70% 2nd 20% 3rd 10$

Registration: $6
This includes spectators
(Girls are free of charge however, they must pay the buy-in to be eligible for the WNF tournament.)

Community Tournaments:
If you wish to run a tournament, no problem! We can supply empty brackets for you to use however, you will be responsible for running it! We?d appreciate if you would let us know ahead of time by posting in this thread or onsite during registration.

Casual Gaming:***
If you wish to just play casuals, we?ll have some setups first come first serve. (Note: tournaments take priority in case other communities wish to run them.)

Fighting Game Lineup:***
*(WNF Tournament Season Games)
*Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox360)
*Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox360)
HDRemix (Xbox360)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Blazblue CS (PS3)
Arcana Heart 3(PS3)
Mortal Kombat (Xbox360)

SRC(Formerly known as Proud Bird)
11022 Aviation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 670-3093

Level|Up President:
Alex Valle

Level|Up Operations Manager:
Jimmy Nguyen

Level|Up Stream Producers:
AJ Papa/Frank Reyes

For more information on Level|Up events or interested in community programs and media, visit our site:

Follow @levelupseries


Facebook Fan Page:

-Tournament Legacy-

John Nelson

Vice President:
Jacob Melby

Director of Administration:
Andrea Sams

TL Website:

*Level|Up x Tournament Legacy is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
*Level|Up x Tournament Legacy staff can eject any groups/individuals that cause harm or malicious intent from WNF at anytime.
*Individuals caught soliciting Level|Up x Tournament Legacy sponsors/clients will be permanently BANNED from ALL Level|Up x Tournament Legacy events.


Weds Night Fights Season 3!

Back to Basics!

We’re running SSF4/MvC3 back to $5 per tournament and top 3 pay out.

Season Finale - stay tuned for some goodies!


SHGLBMX garage land warrior!!!


Please :smiley:





RSVP: Shankar (MvC3)

Reminder - WNF Tournament Season is for SSF4 only.

Other communities can follow suit if they wish however, they will be responsible for running it.

Let me know any community would like to take responsibility for this.

I don’t get it. Spectators have to pay registration fee for a tourney they arent playing in?

Alex, this is dope…


Nice, I like this ranking concept and the new venue.

RSVP/ Kapwan

I assume SSFIV will remain on 360, but any ideas what console Marvel will be on.

RSVP obey562

no work/school on Wednesdays this semester so count me in :slight_smile:

RSVP Freedark

RSVP IGT Thats me, I Gotchu Twice.

Yes, spectators have to pay. People broke the rules and played without paying in past WNFs.
Consider what we’re providing for you at such a cheap rate for entertainment…

RSVP cscx12

But if it’s a tourney and people are registering their names, how would someone break the rules? I understand that everyone has to pay the buy-in fee to get in like previously (which is what you might be talking about), but the tourney is something else, no?

This sounds awesome. It’s like a ranbat season on steroids!

Oh nvm then I thought it included MvC3. You can take me out.