Leveled up recently?

What was the last “oh right!” moment you had?

The last time i leveled up was when i realised that every match up requires different buttons, i.e. chun vs deejay crouching weak kick stuffs most deejays go to crouching kicks, so it starts a rushdown which is brutal, whereas vs gief round house is awesome or vs chun mk is the go to move. Realising why this game has six buttons and not getting into a reflexive pattern of playing chun the same way vs each opponent has really opened this game up.

I’ve recently found out that using jumping jab with honda as a safe jump and a tick throw starter works waaay too well.

Playing in both the HDR side tourneys at Evo made me realize how absolutely important thinking ahead instead of working off of instinct is in fighting games in general. Going on autopilot just doesn’t cut it against any player worth his salt.

Getting bodied in the HDR league has taught me what I need to work on. I do well the first round then shit goes downhill from there. I get nervous while people who know what they’re doing simultaneously start seeing my bad habits and expose them.

I learned throwing fireballs midscreen is stupid as Ken. And that I need to work on my timing for the Jumping Fierce into tatsu on people’s wakeup, in general work on wakeup timing.

I play Ken with the dogshit brown gi, the goal is at one point start rocking the white gi once I learn what I should be doing.

You’ll be fine, just surround yourself with good players & keep playing!

Realizing my old main (Ryu) doesn’t have jack shit on the character I picked up in 3s:OE, Urien.

Actually starting to hit TTH in matches was one of the best feelings I’ve had in a FG recently, shit takes practice and careful timing.

How do I pick Urien in HDR? Has Sirlin removed the unblockable?

Urien is above Akuma in the select screen, but you have to beat Sheng Long before he’s selectable. And yes, the unblockable is fixed in HDR. Just block away from the character.

i do the same thing. when i feel like i’ve made significant strides in terms of understanding how a character works, i switch colors to reflect that. i’ve been stuck on chosu yellow for like a year.

Screw that 2P Ken for life!

-trolls suck-