Leveling Up My Game(s)

Hey. I am getting past the point of noob and getting into the bounds of “ok player” on the class list of fg players, (haha.); and I want to level up my abilities in certain games.

ST- I wanna know some footsies with Chun Li (are they even char specific at all? Most of the basics are universal, i.e. stringing just outta reversal range and baiting that reversal or sweep.). Also, super setups and how to shut down bnb strats of other chars. (Stuffing fireball spam, making grapplers miss throws etc.)

3s Chun- a few setups, traps, some pad friendly sggk, punishing starting with ken (this part i can do on console by my self tho. Lol, mk and srk parrying to hk or poke/throw here I come.) Matchups.

Kof98-total noobie at this. need to know if there’s a home mode for practice.

**If anyone has expertise in these games and can help me in a ggpo session hit me up. **I had one session with nica but he’s been driven away by trolls, life, and too many specs. (Also it’s tourny season so he has no reason to sit around on ggpo.)

whats your ggpo tag? i only play 3s