Leveling Up To Get That Fight Money



If anyone is out there & gives a fuck… Thanks

Now I’ve been playing Balrog since SF4. Idk what it is about him but i just have stuck with him since then. But now i kinda want to take this game more serious & go to tourney’s to compete. Since the scene is pretty dead where im located i play only online. I have a goal to get Grand Master with Balrog since ive put so much time into this game thats the least i can do is get that rank. But my problem lies with being consistent at winning. So there’s much i know i still need to learn but i would love for other people to help if they see anything i can change. From matchups, if im punishing correctly. Any bad habits you may notice, overall if theres anything that im missing in my game please help me with it. Ima try to play 5-10 different matches from rank match & upload them to get some advice from you guys to better my game. Here’s the first 10. Sorry about the quality when i get the money i will buy better equipment for the meantime i hope you guys can see everything clearly. Thanks again in advance.


Pretty solid. To be honest, just keep doing what you’re already doing. Just a few things -

[details=Spoiler]- Maybe work on FADC’ing a dash punch to safety, if you see it being focused. Keno and PR Balrog are extremely good at this. Honestly, took me ages to do this consistently.

  • Work on being able to see when you can punish with raw ultra. I saw 2 different Ken players completely whiff HP srk, and you went from a combo I think rather than just raw ultra. Could be wrong, but I think this happened.

  • After you focus crumple someone, you started the combo with jabs sometimes (not all the time). Probably should try to stick with the st.HK, cr.MP xx EX rusher upper/regular rush upper OR cr.MK, cr.MP (on some characters).

  • Oni passed through you with EX slash which is really unsafe on block. If you’ve blocked a cross up EX slash, it should automatically be at least a jab, short xx headbutt punish. I saw you hit jab but the Oni player managed to block, so either you were way too late or it was laggy.

  • With Bison, I already told another player how to generally deal with Bison in the matchup thread. The main problem I saw was you leaving Bison’s HK scissors go unpunished on block. cr.jab xx EX loop would have sufficed or cr.jab, cr.short xx Headbutt if you had down charge.

  • Against Honda. 3/4 through the buttslam animation, you should be able to tell whether the buttslam will whiff or not. If you don’t have charge, just sweep. If you do have charge, then cr.jab xx EX loop//cr.jab xx dash punch xx super//ULTRA (you get the idea). Same goes with headbutt. Reacting to a completely whiffed headbutt should be pretty easy. Like you realised in your video, all headbutts can be punished with the kick version of super. Also, MP/HP headbutts can be punished with raw Ultra (didn’t even realise this until polenykes pointed this out). Also, I think all headbutts can be punished with Ultra, when Honda is in the corner (and Balrog has to be very close as well) due to there being less distance for Honda to bounce back. Just make sure you check the distances in training mode.

  • Finally, I’d be careful with spending too much meter on EX rush upper loops sometimes.[/details]

Good job. Watch PR Balrog’s streams for ideas on matchups/advice/general play. Ask him questions in stream chat. And also watch WNF to see Keno play.


Thanks bro ima take that stuff to the lab about Honda. Ima post some more vids later hopefully with different matchups to get you guys opinion


Heres a set i had with a Chun li player online. I played it a few weeks back my friend had uploaded it. Check it out & let me know what i need to do to in prove my game. http://youtu.be/XWNhcnQjXAE