Leveling up with Sakura

I’ve been playing Sak for around five months now, and feel like I’ve made pretty significant progress. I’ve taken as much information from the threads as I can, such as the notebook, the setup thread, the combos, the safejumps, the OS thread, everything I can find. I’ve got combos down pretty well, my execution isn’t bad, and I feel like i have a good handle on her pressure. However, a lot of the time when I go for safejumps or weird setups, I just get hit out of them. Am I just timing them wrong? Is there a good way to practice these to make sure that when I go into a match, I’ve got these down pat? Thanks for your help and your time.

Gotta be more specific about what you actually get hit by and what kind of safejumps or setups you’re talking about.

Typically by shoryukens and the like, though sometimes I end up whiffing and just end up getting thrown. The particular setups I’m using aren’t anything fancy. H shou land l shou meaty bnb, H shou walk forward jHP, and forward throw walk back jMK are the ones I get hit the most out of. I can usually land the otoshi setups fine.

Though post ex-tatsu setups like ex tatsu > jLP dash usually get me hit or thrown for whatever reason.

The hp shouoken lp shouoken just needs to be timed correctly, if it’s even a little bit off it won’t be meaty anymore and they can grab you out of it. Also the J. hp and j.mk setups you mentioned don’t actually work as a safe jump against 3 frame reverals, which is why you get hit out of it.

Ahhh, I had no idea about that. Thanks.