Levelup-Series compared to MLG

I listened to the broadcast on jtv on the Levelup-Series created by Calipower(Alex Valle), during the broadcast I heard Levelup compared to MLG. Now this sounds great and all but…

-Has Gamebattles.com
Gamebattles is a great place that people who are serious about H3 or GOW2 to play pros and semi pros, which gives them a clue on wether or not they have what it takes.Gamebattles also hosts lots of online tournaments to keep players entertained.

-Tours the USA, has events in different locations

-Its huge and flashy(prestiges). Its prestiges because it costs alot to enter(Team passes are $160-200, which is $40-50 a person), which means that your only going to get your most serious players. There is a huge mainstage with bleechers always faceing huge screens and free stuff, with photographers everywhere that make you feel larger than life when you get to go on Mainstage.

-The payout is HUGE!!! At the end of the year the H3 payout for the Final tournament is $100,000 and $25,000 for GOW2. And at the end of every season(5 or 6 in a year), there is an event(tournament) which pays $20,000 for H3 and $10-20,000 for GOW2.

-Has no online arena(like Gamebattles.com) were people who are looking to get serious have an opportunity to play pros and semi pro players. So its hard to know if you really have what it takes, and its hard to get legit practice if you only have access to XBL or PSN and not major tournaments(like in CA).

-Has no forums to meet other players and get practice against good players and discuss certain aspects of SF4.

-Is Levelup-Series going to tour is it going to have one location?

-I here that they are going to try to make it have multiple events in a year which is great! But Alex mentioned that the pot is only $500, which is a nice sum for winning a tournament. Which only pays for my plane ticket(if I win), isn’t enough to attract a major scene.

Levelup-Series is a great idea but the payout for winning needs a major increase, in order to make players not living where there is and active SF scene devote the amount of time required to be the best. And it needs a battle arena for players to levelup(a competative website).
If the pot size was $10,000 or more I know I would go start practicing 5 hours a day everyday right now. I know alot of other players would too!!!

sorry, but this is dumb on so many levels

I didnt know online practice was legit practice. maybe I should get used to the input lag and lag spikes because its legit.

I dont know of any forums at all to discuss SF. if only there were someone to make a site to discuss sf strats. maybe a sub-forum for different games, and different characters will do. there will be 100k + members joining that site in no time!

Also, I play sf just for the money. if there were just one tournament per year where I could go to win all those monies id go every year!

Great fuckin idea!

Fighting games aren’t ‘cool’ and socially accepted like FPS or even moreso EA’s sports-sim games, hence the number of people interested in them is minute in comparison (since most people are fucking retarded sheep who only play whatever the media tells them to).

So unless the tournament attendance increases by 2000% then the payout won’t be anywhere near 10 grand.

Now I’d just be happy with what we already have, because without the continued efforts of some people then we wouldn’t that much longer either.

Fighting games are cool, but a lot of the casual fanbase will say that the steep learning curve turns them off. For instance, a young cat that I was talking to in Gamestop last friday was puzzled that I was hyped for the release of Super Street Fighter 4. “Those games are alright, but there are too many tricks, secrets and other shyt to learn. You can’t just have fun with the game.” I told him that in Street fighter just like real life, you usually get what you work for and put your effort into.

Truth be told, a lot of people today are used to instant results and don’t know about delayed gratification. No one becomes a master overnight and it’s foolhardy to expect to dominate a sport, a martial art or videogame without putting in the hours and paying your dues.

Fully agree, and yes I was alluding to the fact that there is actually a learning curve and the game can’t be mastered in a 30 minute tutorial mode like some others. Having to put in any extra effort, never mind actively research around internet forums is put down as nerdy and uncool, whereas the people saying that are the ones who would pay the money for a game they aren’t get the most out of. Would they buy a 50" TV only for the sound not to work, but not read the manual because its too uncool to do so?

Protip: If you put any effort into anything that doesn’t end with your dick in a drunk chick, you are fat, you are gay, you are a nerd, you are a virgin, you have no social life, and you aren’t ‘normal’. Thus is the credo of the vile majority that make up this planet. Be happy if you’re in the minority people, you’ve actually got something to offer the world, but if you’re not, then go give a 12 gauge a blowjob you cunts, you won’t be missed.

Mecha, the whole “steep learning curve” thing has always bothered me. In any game or any activity you have to learn the in’s and out’s of the scene. Too many kids today watch a video on YouTube and want to be Daigo without putting in the time and effort that Daigo did to be good at the game. Some of them just wanna mash buttons and have something cool happen. Street Fighter just ain’t that simple–you’re going to have put some thought into your offense and defense if you want to win.

There are times when it pays to rushdown your opponent and there are times to patiently sit back and turtle. Sometimes you have to do both in a 99 second match. You have to constantly think on your feet when your playing Street Fighter–unless you’re playing as Sagat that is lol.

Many people already practice hours upon hours a day (even in non hotspots, ex: nebraska 3s from way back when) and travel across state lines for tournaments. So you’re already getting the most serious players at events right now. Increasing pot size means, increasing venue/entry fees, which will only alienate the same people you’re trying convince to start playing, again only the most serious players would even think of paying a $30-$50 entry fee to a tourney (in fact some of us already do, by entering multiple games) and most of them are already regular attendees.

playing online and playing in real life just aren’t the same thing, when it comes to fighting games.

Even without the crazy lag that fighting games have online, playing online against an opponent is a different thing than playing against him face to face, without a huge crowd screaming and talking trash behind you.

you just can’t compare fighting games and fps events like that.

holy shit did everyone take the wrong meaning from this thread?
Online lag is just as bad for fps games as for fighting games. Online is about experience and getting know the basics such as spacing/footsies, and what normals counter other normals, things like that.
And players already do spend that type of money on tournaments($30-50) on multiple events. Well thats not what I’m talking about, I’m saying for a single entry in a massive everyman for themselves tournament with a fee of $50 to enter with 200 plus enterants, $4000 bucks which is a good start. and at evo 09 there was over 1000 enteries so do the math people. Especially if it was every couple of months instead of once a year.

Gamebattles is a shitstain on the taint of the internet. My friend posts there as he used to be in the competitive GOW scene. As bad as people thing SRK FGD/SF4 gets, Gamebattles is 100 times worse.

Be glad fighting games aren’t an eSport.

Didn’t MLG fuck over a bunch of Evo winners a few years back by not paying them their prize money?

That and there’s a lot of cheating/etc. going on with gamebattles. The way we do it now is fine, the only “problem” is lack of sponsorship.

You can’t compare online for fighting games(well sf4) and online for fps games. Two completely different things.

^^^ idk I’v never heard of that, but I could believe it. I’m just trying to make a point of what I think would help the Levelup-Series to rise to a level as high if not bigger than MLG(and asking for opinions,hoping someone that could make a real difference might read it). And in that broadcast I mentioned they compared MLG to Levelup so that is what I was referencing.

While they are both types of video games, FPS and Fighters have completely different scenes. Level-up is supposed to be the MLG for the fighting game scene. They won’t (and most likely can’t) run the same way. Evo tried to coincide with MLG once…it was a terrible experience. The scenes clash too much.

As far as playing online to just to learn the basics…this is still a bad idea. Some serious players do not like to play online because the lag (however slight) can hurt their real-life timing/tactics. Other serious players just bulldoze over a beginner because there is such a steep curve. Also, footsies do not work the same way online; moves that are decent become awesome and slower moves (that shouldn’t work) become semi-legit.

yeah the I never heard of that post was torwards vanity7 talking about the players getting ripped off by MLG. not about lag on fps vs fg. the lag is bad in both but that doesnt mean that nothing what so ever can be learned from online play. I think the lag is comparable to shooters at least gears of war (2) because lag has a huge effect on the out come of a game online, which is the same for SF4. But people still play competative at it online for practice.

ok so forget about the online part of my arguement… what about touring and the pot?
$500 isnt going to bring what I feel they are looking for in the series at least as far as player turnout, at least from my prospective.

let the baby grow, let it grow…

im referring to the lvlup series… :stuck_out_tongue:

So…when did they install wi-fi on special needs buses?

I believe they started on 06-11-2009 (Guess a date earlier to give him time to set up his laptop, google SRK and sign up) but it could be later if they take visits to librarys with computers.