Lexan covering for a stick


I’ve been looking around quite a lot and I can’t seem to find any information on how to attach the lexan artwork cover on top of the stick without the visible screws. Byrdos would be a good example of what I’m talking about. Any of you know how this is done or can any of you point me towards a tutorial to do so?

I tried the search function and turned up nothing.


if you cut the lexan so its snug then the pressure of the buttons is enough to hold it down without using screws


Snug around the edges of it or around the buttons? Or both?


I would assume it needs to be snug around the edges and they will definitely need to be screw in buttons, snap ins won’t hold anything because they clip into the lexon.

I use 3 screws for my lexon, one in each of the top corners and a centered screw on the bottom side so my arms never rub against the screws.



Evilink is right

snug around the edges and threaded buttons will do the trick

Takes a few tries to get things right but youll get the hang of it.


that’s the main reason why I went with screw on buttons… there is no visible screws