Lexan vs metal

I have a hrap2 and was thinking of going with Lexan to put on top of the panel with some art under it. But then read it can still scratch up bad, is this true ?

I was wondering if one was to just make a new top panel out of metal what type of metal to use ? and with metal would it scratch less than lexan ?

To directly answer your question, it is true that the top lexan panel does scratch up easily.

Not sure where you’d find clear, see-through metal to use as a custom art cover, but it sounds like it would be more durable.

I think I might be misinterpreting the questions.

I’d like to know where to find clear, see-through metal myself. LOL

i didnt mean see-through metal

i meant just plain metal, so there would be no art. maybe stainless steel would look dope
but like i said i dont know what types of metals scratch easily

Transparent aluminum doesn’t scratch very easily. That’s what I use on my sticks…

Computer… Compuuuuuterrr…
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Good catch.:tup: