Lexington, KY April Fools Tournament Results!

3S (10 people)

1st- popoblo
2nd- chris rose (SSJGogeta)
3rd- taz

CvS2 (8 people)

1st- popoblo
2nd- chris rose (SSJGogeta)
3rd- nick

MvC2 (5 people RR)

1st- taz
2nd- eugene
3rd- chris rose (SSJGogeta)

GGXX #R (7 people?)

1st- jaison
2nd- ???
3rd- ???

1st - Taz
2nd - Eric
3rd - KFC Rob

1st - Taz
2nd - A.J.
3rd - Jaison??

overall, a good tournament. good shit and good games to everyone. thanks for coming out, and a HUGE thanks to the ann arbor guys for making the trip down. i’m SOOOOOOOO sorry for not seeding that cvs2 tournament. you shouldn’t have to play guys from your area in the FIRST round, 8 man tourney or not. eric just said we should do it in the order people registered to make it random, and i wasn’t thinking. sorry again.

thanks to eric (megaultrasuper) for drawing up all the brackets and basically running all the tournaments. thanks to chase (zinac) for helping us get the location. good to see taz, eugene, chris, jaison, kyle, and everybody else.

i don’t know, the numbers seem low, but that’s because there were a LOT of no shows. no IN (what happened dave?), no c-bus or cleveland, no cincy, no GG guys from TN, not even certain KENTUCKY guys were there. if all those people were there, you’re talking about high teens/low 20’s in terms of numbers per tournament. but that’s the curse of having a tourney in the midwest- people flake out, don’t want to travel, then wonder why the scene is so weak and bitch that everything is dead. for the people who DID come out, thanks.

the best buy gift cards as prizes was an inconvenience, but it was all done in exact increments so it worked out fine. the 10% being taken out of each pot did suck, but it only REALLY effected the 1st place finishers. i guess we should’ve communicated it better so people knew what was up, but it was all thrown on us very late (like a day before, literally). but in relative terms, it’s just like a venue fee (like $5 at a LAN cafe or something) that we would have for renting some place out, and it will allow us to have future tournaments there if we decide to keep the same location in the student center. for the place itself, there was plenty of room, lots of TV’s, so the actual room was perfect IMO.

sorry for not having the 2v2 to whoever was expecting that. but we would’ve only had like 4 teams anyways, so whatever.

PEACE, look for the next KY tournament in the fall. for the GG, ST, and T5 players, just give me the results and i’ll edit the post.

I appreciated it.

For what it’s worth, there were a few Kentucky guys there, myself included. There was Iain, Eric, Mike Adair, and me (Justin). It was really great to be able to play great players, since I don’t have xbox live. Sadly, I never play my best when I get nervous, and it wasn’t until after the 3S tournament that I loosened up enough to play more like I like to play. But I did learn a few things. For example:

Player 1 sits down to casually play Player 2. Player 2 stomps the crap out of Player 1 with nice set ups, good combos, and a handy throw every now and then. Player 1 says “Good match.” Player 2 stays strangely silent.

Moral: 3S players are shy/insocialable until they stomp you more than once. LOL

Joking aside, thanks to everyone for coming down to KY for UKON. Hope to see you there next year.

Heh I figured there would be a bigger turnout for 3s but whatever Like you said dan its the midwest. Had alot of fun playing Marvel with people. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer and play more with you taz. What you Know about ROM infinite dash under SJ and comboing lk lk into the rom again. LOL. Eugene I still can’t figure out your crazy sentinel traps if I played you maybe more than once in like 2 years time maybe I would.

I could only afford one tourney…10.00 is much for Marvel , 5 people.

Maybe I sould have entered 3 Strike instead…turnout would have
been very different…

Necro ,Yang , and 12:lol:

props to placers, sry about the poor attendance.



When I was running the #R tourney, I noticed some guys filming matches, but I don’t know if they are going to upload any of it.

Don’t think there are vids of any SF games.

Okay tourney. Good results(for me) but wish there was a better turnout. Maybe next time.

Fun shit guys, the Guilty Gear crowd was a little dry but fun fights overall. Scott and AJ especially that was a long drive and I respect Buri players. AJ winning money isn’t always bad now is it? Brandon, you are cool as hell dude WTF did you drop out of the GG scene? Your Venom was fun. BTW nice burst baits and zoning .Taz, great fights in T5 dude, unfortunetly before T5 you could only judge me by 3s and I’m not nearly as solid in 3s as I am in GG and T5. We’ll get together sometime, sooner that later hopefully.

In general good games everyone and thanks for showing up.

1st - Taz (Marduk)
2nd - A.J. (Kazuya)
3rd - 9999hp -Kyle (Jack-5) twins lol

GGXX #R (7 people RR)

1st- //Jais Jaison (Eddie/Bridget)
2nd- AJ (Pot)
3rd- 9999h Kyle(Pot/May/Testament)

The #R footage would have been great but the camera has water damage that we later learned about so all the vids are shit.

4 teams of Round Robin 3s still would have been sweet.

Really, just thanks for throwing/running this tourney and taking shit from everyone for the overhead.
props to Chase(Zinac), Ian, Erick(megaultrasuper), Daniel (popoblo)


Ann Arbor? Who came down from Ann Arbor?

Jaison and Kyle, it was great playin u guys. I need more competition like that. I don’t get to play often, especially since my PS2 is broke. Carrie, I wish I could have played ul. Its cool to see women playing video games, I just wish we had the chance. But good job in GGXX, my friend said u took him out in the tourney. :tup: I’ll definately have to make a trip to Morehead sometime ore meet somewhere half way.

4 guys, nick (he played C-cammy/sakura/R2 sagat and got 3rd in cvs2), his brother scott, AJ, and one other guy i think, but i forget his name.

and taz and eugene pretty much made me never want to play mvc2 again. eugene’s sent/doom/capcom beasting on me. CHEAP, lol.

Well you beat me at Cvs ( couldnt figure out Honda)…
… then I beat you at 3rd strike, so we even :china: