LF 925/Concord Fighters


What’s up? I’ve basically NEVER TRULY been in the competitive fighting scene. Closest I ever got was playing SNK and Capcom arcade games during lunch at Line Drive Sports near Hogan High in Vallejo, CA back in the day. (We had the KOF96, XvsSF, MSHvsSF, MvC, Tekken 3, Samurai Showdown 4…)

That said, I’ve always been pretty good at getting the basics down of a game and somewhat decent with combos. (I still have trouble with some links in SF4.) My defense has holes in it and I was never good at too many mind games.

I’d love to improve my fighting game skills through some local players.

I’ve got pretty much all the popular games out excluding KOFXIII and DOA5. (Should probably pick those up later… but right now I feel I should focus on what’s popular. Which would be either SFxT or SSF4AE.)

If anyone out there is in the same boat and wants to improve along side of me or you just wanna help teach me to be better, I’d love to train with you.

Also, if you’re into other co-op or competitive style games besides fighters, that’s cool too! (Puzzle, FPSes, RPGs, etc.)

I live in Concord now, working a Mon-Fri job, usually available in the evenings and always available Saturdays after noon.

If you can help out, please go ahead and reply here or PM me!



925 FinalBout KOF/AE/UVC3/etc Sessions 925 Stop on by whenever you’d like man, we’re always searching for new blood. Final Bout usually goes down on Fridays and we have random sessions depend on everyone’s availability as well. For more information feel free to contact MarquezSF on the link that I posted above. I’ll keep you updated too if it’s necessary.


Apologies for getting back to this late. I thought I turned on e-mail notification for replies. I was busy the past couple of weeks and intended to check when I got an e-mail, but it never came! Now I’m logging in randomly and just saw your post for the first time.

I’ll definitely be checking you guys out soon!