LF: Akishop PS360+ v2.10 / Qanba Q4RAF PCB rev 2012 / SKY Q4T Generic Chinese PCB

Looking for your old and abandoned last gen PCBs to make use of instead of collecting dust. Will use in my younger bro’s build, which is currently installed with a crappy Zero Delay Board. Made a mistake and wasted money buying it.

The PCB is going to be used for Xbox360/PS3 natively and PS4 in Legacy Mode. Only going to be used casually, so not looking for anything serious and future proof like a Brook UFB or other Brook variants. Legacy support is fine.

Looking for these specific boards. Priority as it follows:

  • Akishop PS360+ PCB
    preferably v2.10, hardware revision is printed on bottom part of the PCB

  • Qanba Q4RAF PCB 2012 revision
    2012 Version can be identified if it doesn’t have a daughterboard
    (2011 model doesn’t work on PS4 legacy) preferably with stock harnesses

  • SKY Q4T PCB with all wires and harnesses
    This is just a generic chinese PCB but can be identified if there’s a text ‘SKY’ Printed on the top of a Red colored PCB

I attached corresponding photos in order to identify each of them respectively.

Shoot your most affordable offers. These are last gen PCBs so I’m expecting them to be a lot cheaper. Thank you!