LF best Pad Converter for PS3

I’m a noob; a big one here on these forums. I apologize for any bad etiquette. I use a pad rather than stick, I’ve been using them since I was a child playing SFIII, and I’ve tried sticks but I just don’t feel comfortable using them. I need to know of the best PS2 pad converter for the PS3 version. Mainly want to use it for SSFIV:AE because I want to participate in EVO2013. Thank you for your help in advance :slight_smile:

So just to clarify, you’re trying to use a PS2 DualShock 2 on a PS3, right?

If so, there are really only two converters you should be considering if you want to participate at EVO this year.

The first one is the now discontinued Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter. This was sold early in the PS3’s lifespan, and occasionally, someone gets lucky and finds one of these for like $10.00 at GameStop or something, but these are very difficult, if not impossible to find anymore.

The second one is the iNPiN PS2 to PS3 converter. These are still in production and probably the best converter ever made for PS2 to PS3. You can buy this one from etokki.com at this link.

Hope that helps!

I have this one:
And it’s pretty awesome, it converts all sorts of different ways and seems to be pretty lag free.

Thank you very much guys. I really appreciate the help! :smiley: