LF: Complete sound effects rip


Somebody ripped them at another forum, but several of the links are down. It was one of those RAR sets that requires all the files to be extracted together, otherwise a lot of the files won’t work. I think he used PS Sound (?) to rip them from the console version. Has anybody else done this? If it can somehow be done from the arcade rom, even better. Either’s fine though.


Oh and just to clarify, this doesn’t concern the music or voice samples.


still need this? i could do it


sorry to bump a cheesy non-gameplay thread, but now i’m looking into ripping a song from the rom. since i assume that extracting a sound file directly from a rom and converting into a format that’s playable on other devices is impossible, is there a program that would let me record the audio as i play it in the sound test in the service menu of the game?

i already have the ost, but the song still sounds different in the game for some reason


the game has a test menu. you can play the song with that and record it with audacity

*ripping the music/effects from other rom’s is often possible with bridgem1