LF Dual Mod Service for Madcatz TE Stick in Greater Toronto Area

I’m new to this SRK, so please forgive me if this has been posted somewhere else…

I’m looking for a skilled and experienced technician in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada) who can mod my Madcatz Tourney Edition Stick to play on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Right now, it only plays on a PS3.

I live in Mississauga but can travel anywhere in the GTA.

Message chowwun, he has a lot of experience with all types of sticks(MC TE, SE, TvC, HRAP, VLX and other companies and customs), if you check out the Canada Matchmaking section, check the Heroes World thread, he attends the casuals.
From what I remember, generally Xbox TE sticks are $90 while PS3 versions are $100 to dual mod.

I would throw my hat into this, but you said experienced and its a bad time due to exams.
Done this job before, just not confident enough to do it for people outside my circle of friends.

pics here
PS3 TE dual mod pictures by mr_mortified - Photobucket

In future though, this sort of thing goes into trading outlet.