LF help with PS3 Fightstick button mapping on PC (SF4)

Hey guys,

I know this probably sounds like a ridiculous problem, but I have tried to configure my PS3 MadCatz on my PC for over an hour with no success. :xeye:

The problem I have is that my PC recognizes the stick just fine, but the mapping is totally crazy.

In the beginning, I thought the Xbox and PS3 layout were only different in naming the button (i.e. LB=L1 and so on). Little did I know, because after finally checking my systems control panel it seems, that my Xbox360 stick registers a button number for R2 that is the “Start” button number on my PS stick and so on. :confused:

So if anybody could point me in the right direction (maybe by posting a screenshot of the SF4 pregame launcher configuration or ingame configuration) because right now it’s a total mess to configure the stick , if you don’t know what button you actually map the move to.

If I am missing something obvious please help me anyway :blush:


in your windows start bar search for usb game controller config, find your stick click properties and it’ll tell you which button is which.

If you go into the properties for the controller, you can push the button and see what number it corresponds to:

Square = 1
Triangle = 4
R1 = 6
L1 = 5
X = 2
O = 3
R2 = 8
L2 = 7
Select = 9
Start = 10
Home = 13

So, this is what you want for your Street Fighter IV pregame launcher control settings:

Then in the actual Street Fighter IV settings, you want to setup your controls as Arcade Stick, Custom:

X = LP
Y = MP
A = LK
B = MK
LB = 3P
LT = 3K

I confirmed in training mode that this works correctly using my PS3 TE stick.

Thank you so much :party: - with the help of your picture it works perfectly :tup: