LF players arround Belgium and the Netherlands :( ( or other near countries in europe )


I am rather late to kof sadly and would love to find other players. vBut it is so hard to find players on PS3. I putted myself on the most famous kof 13 forums but even those are rather deserted :frowning:

Anyone got any good active forum to search for players ?

Thx in advance !


Try Dreamcancel.com

I’m from the Netherlands, I have the game on steam and 360 only though. But if this is for online matches, it’s not worth having the game on PS3 anyway. Online is completely unplayable on 360/PS3 and barely playable on Steam. If you’re looking for tournaments/local matches, make sure to sign up for the Red Fight District KOF13 tournament over at: http://redfightdistrict.com/