LF Practice

I’m having an awful time getting an honest game out of people. SF4 (PC) Seems to be riddled with Macro users and Turbo buttons. While I don’t mind losing because it’s part of the learning experience but when players openly taunt their skills by saying “You can get them too, just look for them nub” kinda takes the excitement out of it. Anyway if anyone is down for honest practice hit me up…

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See ya online…

This should have been posted in either the Fighting Game forums or your home town/area forums. Dont be a douche, think before you make a thread.

Did you have to be a douche and say that? My bad… your right… Feel real welcome now.

No one wants you to feel welcome when you do stupid shit.

Right, so by posting in the wrong forum that constitutes “stupid shit”? I could have taken the criticism about posting in the wrong forum but rather I get called a douche? Good reasoning… I’m not trying to be overly sensitive guy but I came here in the hopes getting in touch with players who weren’t going to be dicks. On the contrary, more internet tough guys. thanks. /fail

Stop failing you douche.

Shhhh, children…

He wasn’t really being a douche…he was actually being nice to you.

If you posted in the wrong forum…your bad.
Not anyone else’s…but your bad.
And you took that the wrong…so yes, you are a douche. Give yourself a pat on the back.


What’s with all these 09’ers catching feelings all of a sudden?

You should have done this from the beginning and not have started a useless thread.

He’s getting off to a good start.

dude they weren’t being dicks about it . man up

lol i feel bad for the 09’er lmao

can’t wait for the 10’ers

Anyways, if you bothered to even fucking read the computer match making forums atleast by 2-3 lines down then you would notice this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=198835 where you can find people’s gamer tags and you can post yours.

He made a mistake, does it really warrant name calling and swearing at him?

Anyways here is the thread you are looking for Marcelo http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=210502

My ID is brethurley and I live in California, you can add me if you want to get some practice in sometime.