LF SF4 Wisconsin



My buds and I are looking for some more people to play with locally…We’re in the Waukesha area and we run the occasional tourney’s. But other then that we meet up at least once a week to just mess around play some SF4 with each other and work on our game…Usually there are 4-8 people there so we can get a good time going. PM me here, or msg me on xbox gamer tag: Ibicus if you’re interested at all.


Bump, if you don’t feel comfortable playing locally throw me a msg anyways, we can setup some matches via online games and get to know us.


Yo you might wanna post that here:


By the way, welcome…

<---- from Wisconsin. :smile:


Thanks man, haha new to the boards and my buds elected me to do the posting, wasn’t sure where :slight_smile: