LF XBOX 360 Data Migration Kit - Anyone have just laying around?


im looking for a data migration kit for the 360 hdd…

a buddy of mine got a 120 from a kid at his work and is upgrading from his 60…

which in turn has the possibility of going to me if i can find a data migration kit…

if you have one laying around please let me know and we can try to work something out…

microsoft no longer offers free ones and are trying to charge me 20 bucks… not that much but if someone has one and isnt using it…

shipping + some cash to someone(lol or free) > $20 to microsoft



I happen to have one lying around. It is the full kit (cable, disc, manual) that came with my 120 GB HDD.

$12 shipped, I prefer Paypal if possible. Pics upon request.

PM me if interested.


I don’t think the data migration kit works for 60GB hard drives … only for the 20 -> 120.

At least it didn’t work for my brother when I bought him a 360 PRO for Xmas to replace his old 20G model. I had to return the 360 PRO and buy him an Elite instead.


the older kits didnt work for the 60gb… but any of the newer ones made from like 2008 and up work and certain ones from 2007…


AL the great, free up some space in your PM box.

Migration kit on hold.


Oh. Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I guess I have the old one then.


I have one that’s probably 2008 seeing how I obtained it that year. You could have it but the only problem is that I don’t feel like waiting 20+ minutes at the post office to ship it out. You’ll probably have to wait till I sell something first. :sweat: Either way, just saying.


I’m pretty sure you can do it manually with a SATA cable too. That involves taking both HDD cases apart though.


Migration Kit sold


ill have to look into that if i cant find one…

thanks for your offer mcginnis… i can wait… its no big deal at the moment for me… but if or when you do let me know…

and then hopefully i can help someone else out with it if anyone else needs it…



You can use the old transfer kit’s cable to do it manually on the pc without opening the harddrives, datel’s software works fine for all three sizes. I used one to move data from my 20gb to a 60gb I got from a friend, when I found out that the disc wouldn’t do it on the 360.


though id still need the hd transfer cable…

still looking for one…