LFHackable Pad

I’m looking for a hackable PS2 compatible pad. I’ve built myself a joystick in the past with an old Sidewinder pad I had and it works nice but it’s no good for consoles.

I know the series h psone controllers are what most people use I think, but I don’t have any idea where to get ahold of one. All the shops around me that deal in used games and the like have long since stopped taking and dealing in older systems like that.

What would you suggest? Other hackable PS2 compatible pads? A reliable source for a series h? Something else entirely?


Have you checked an EB Games? Last time I went to one (about a week ago), in their used peripherals rack, they had a bunch of Series H PS1 pads. I also suggest checking out pawn shops and speciality shops since it is hard for them to sell old ps1 pads because they’re in “bad” shape (of course, the PCB and the chord are 95% of time intact). If you still can’t find one, then check this site out. It tells you how to hack a ps2 pad (there’s also a thread about it somewhere): http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html I’m sure it will be easier to find the ps2 pad mentioned in that guide.

Awesome, thanks for the link. I do have a number of old PS2 pads lying around, I just didn’t think they were worth trying to hack given the weird plastic thing they have in them.

And while there’s probably a dozen EBs and Gamestops and the like within a 10mile radius of my house, none of them have anything as old as the first playstation. There’s one old games place at the mall up the street that carries everything from next gen down to Jaguars and Pong machines, but they didn’t have anything. Didn’t think to check Pawn Shops though, that might be an easy place to find one.

How hard do you think it would be to come by one on eBay? Other than the fact that it says h series on the bottom, is there any easy way to identify them just by looking?

That sucks man, I know this speciality shop where I live that literally has dozens of Series H PS1 pads just waiting to be sold. As far as getting such a controller from eBay… my suggestion would be to ask the seller if he/she can look under the controller and see if it’s an H Series pad, but it shouldn’t be hard to come across one. But yeah, asking will be your best method of finding one… now I don’t know how willing the seller will be to answer this question for you. I’ll take some pictures of my controller so you can have a better idea of what you have to look for, but you’ll never know what you’re getting unless you check that it says it’s an H type. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow morning when I get access to a digital camera.

Excellent, thanks a lot for your help. I shall await your pictures tomorrow.

I think I got images of all the official PS1 pads in the PCB Diagrams subsection on the page that you linked before if I’m not mistaken.


when u order it tell them you want an H series pad in an email or the special instructions. ive done it before and have always got what i asked for.

Here are the photos of my PS1 pad. I hope it helps you, but there many different models of the ps1 pad that you can use… the main point here is that it should say “H” at the back. Good luck.

BTW, sorry about taking pictures of my controller in such a state. I took out its PCB and put it in my Agetec a couple of days ago and I was not excepting on taking pictures of it :stuck_out_tongue: