LiangHuBBB gone?

He deleted or privatized all his videos today or yesterday. Too bad…

sad to see, hope it’s not permanent. that guy’s channel is a community service.

I would like to know the reason for this. I read some of the comments on his channel and it looks like he shut them down because some people disliked his vids or something. Seems like a weak reason to shut down your channel entirely. I want more details.

I read the entire description for his last video regarding the situation; quite a lengthy read. From what it seems, he took all the negative comments he got personally and got real upset about it. Sucks how we all have to suffer now cause his compilations were awesome.

whoa there, cowboy! you are one heck of a fierce reporter.

Good riddance.

He got shit on by a lot of members in the community, couldn’t take the hate, so I guess he just closed down shop.

Because…you know…putting down members of the community who make attempts to provide content is always the cool thing to do.

Maybe capcom shut them down…or maybe it was the evil Double Perfect production taking away the 09 version of homo genius.

Homo Genius is still the best.

His videos were some of my favorites…

Sad story…

He made them all private, btw. If you go to your history or favorites, it’s listed as a private video now.
I couldn’t figure out what all the privates were in my history, but then I saw this thread, and realized, “OH shit, I had just done a mini marathon of funny moments episodes.”

And folks, we have an example as to why he abandoned his account.
The guy worked hard… He doesn’t need this nonsense.

He stole a lot of videos without giving credit to the original uploaders and I’ve heard from others that have dealt with him that he’s kind of a dick.

I guess Eventhubs will have to post a little more actual FGC news now.

RIP the ray william johnson of fighting games.

Is he that dude who got stomp trolled by c Royd on his first day attempting to learn 3s? I think I remember him posting the footage on 3s board and asking for advice. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

^ Yep, that was him.

Really disappointed to hear this. Really enjoyed his stuff.

Grow thicker skin IMO. It’s the Internet

Yo @LiangHuBBBB what’s up?

Really? Because people said bad things about him? I thought his vids sucked dick for the most part but shutting down his stuff is the stupidest shit.

Oh, really??? Hm. (I might be getting him confused with another channel; I thought he usually did credit his sources.)

Also he had no idea of any fighting game at all, except maybe SF4.

He credited his sources in every video he made, and he didn’t make a dime off any of it. But it’s cool to hate on Lianghubbb, so whatevs.