LiangHuBBB gone?

Meh, I never cared for his videos that much. Obviously other people did, and that’s no skin off my back.

So I guess, sad to hear he quit when other people were really enjoying his compilations. I never really voiced my distaste for them, but yeah, obviously some trolls figured they could destroy the guy and did. Thick skin, maybe he needs it, but other people need to act like they have home training as well.

The one thing I really wasn’t fond of was the front page posting every video he made. I just didn’t think that was newsworthy enough for a post. But, whatever.

I was randomly browsing old RnB and Hip Hop tracks the other day and his comment was the highest voted on here (about 1/3 down the page):

Hmm… Ja Rule came out of prison this month. And now LiangHuBBB disappears. I think they’re in a basement somewhere making a record together.

Yeah I think he overreacted to the situation. Making your videos private because of some meaningless comments? Come on now. Isn’t that a little over the top? Obviously, there are countless amounts of people that liked his videos and they certainly outweigh the number of people giving him backlash for it. All he had to do was just ignore them.

He got a lot of negative comments all at once because he wasn’t doing enough real replays, he was mostly doing stuff like online hatemail from ranked matches or some such.

So he got mad and made a challenge on his channel, wherein if they gave his newest video enough dislikes, he would delete all of his videos. He said it would take 150 dislikes to delete the channel. The video got a lot of likes and a couple hundred dislikes, vast majority being likes, but apparently your vote doesn’t matter if it’s aye.

All in all, the trolls and Liang were being extremely selfish.


Yo LiangHu up and went Turbo on niggas.

Cool guy but needs to not care about a bunch of idiots on the internet. People will dislike your video even if its the greatest video around.

No man he can’t go turbo. He will break the game

He’s oversensitive to say the least

Dude has the most entertaining vids, shame internet trolls have more influence then they deserve.

How is reposting vids with bad music entertaining?

Putting together several entertaining moments from several players and games for a highlight reel style video isn’t entertaining? Then what’s your definition of entertainment?

I liked them overall but in the later ones it became obvious that a lot of the moments were manufactured by friends working together or just clowning scrubs which anyone could do.

Also he had a real boner for Feilong.

Oh man, that’s sad

What I don’t get is why the heck he cares about what people are saying on the comments to his videos. All that matters is that people are coming back to post, which increases his hits.

He never used the comebacks I pm’d to him :shake:

Don’t try to understand popular stuff, just don’t.

Thing is, he uploads good content, tho what he shouldn’t do is make those hate mail message videos and upload them, imo you create more hate and dislikes.

Hope he comes back!

are we still talking about fighting games

is this about extending a combo

ITT Butthurt vs Capcom 2: Fate of 2 Frontpages

His videos were just for funsies stuff. The problem wasn’t him making compilation videos so much as the fact that both SRK front page and eventhubs would dedicate an article just to linking them. I don’t necessarily think that people were annoyed at them as much as they were annoyed at constantly being told about them.

Also, Tataki with that rectal bleeding. Its ok though since this is still one of the best vids to happen:

That being said I completely understand why actual content creators are would be hella salty at LiangHuBBB. A lot of the old videos that would get posted before SF4 were tutorials and combo videos, not its random 2 minutes combo videos with 1 combo and other random shit. Oh man, Maximillian soundbyte kills me every time. Also shotouts to Guilty Bits for introducing stuff to new people: