So when they said they couldnt put in spectator mode because it would cause lag, and they couldnt put in Frank because the engine couldnt handle it and now they have both in the same game with a bunch of other stuff anyone think they were just lying about stuff the entire time? So its gonna be disc only because the earthquake? What about SFAE being DLC?

Basically my question is, does Capcom just lie their asses off to be able to milk us later for stuff that shouldve been included in the first place? Shouldnt things outside of characters and stages like spectator and single player things like missions/trials be free DLC? Shouldve and apparently couldve been there in the first place. Opinions?

Don’t like then don’t buy. Capcom hasn’t changed since 92, no?

I don’t recall Capcom ever saying those things.
Post where they said that…unless you are making shit up as well.

It’s both of those reasons.

Lay it to rest already please. If you aren’t going to buy it, then quit wasting your time trying to make sense out of it. The rest of the fighting game community will be using the most up to date version in tourneys and in most cases, casual sessions.

In regard to post 2, I dont like it, but i will buy it day 1. Unless they do the right thing and patch spectator to the current version and make all this stuff DLC which they wont. First day buyer right here. Also, I think youre on a different subject.

Regarding post 3, I thought it was common knowledge at this point. Ill try to find it, but if anyone wants to post it for me Id appreesh. Some interview with Nitsuma shortly after the game was out when everyone was baffled as to why there was no spectator mode. Everyone gave up on getting spectator after that interview, but now were getting it?

You not realizing this is exactly why Capcom makes their dollar. The fact that you can never truly be sure if they can or can’t do something for you until they make you pay for it later.

So you didn’t learn from SF4 ->SSF4->SSF4AE…thought that was common knowledge.

And please people stop saying if I dont like it, dont buy it. Never said I wasnt gonna buy it. I am gonna buy it, I just dont like the way capcom does business. Thread title: lies

Here, let me help you with that.

It is obvious from this interview that the development team had already tried to get spectator mode into MVC3. It proved very difficult when the game itself was already overcapacity. The best course of action would then be to re implement all of the content from MVC3 into a new disc while also moving some code around to fully accept Spectator mode and other features into the game.

If there was anything to clear your disappointment in Capcom, know that the development of UMVC3 was not solely from an act of greed.

Well ‘tweaking’ the online engine can mean anything these days thanks to Capcom… and NRS claiming their netcode was godly at launch.
And you buying it on day one even though you have complaints shows the reason why Capcom makes its money. Counter argument is that we don’t have source code for neither of the above examples so, Q-Q and move on.

Even though they gimp out on features, they still make games which attract your wallet.
May as well do a direct deposit of 1% of your salary to the Capcom fund each pay cheque because you know you’ll be buying the next release.

Certainly my $, £, or what have you goes further in a Capcom fighter in terms of entertainment than any other game I’ve bought since getting a console.

Why do you pricks keep apologizing for sketchy practices?

“Don’t like it, don’t buy it!” No shit, tough guy.

Apparently you’re fine with being served half baked product and being lied to. Are you on their payroll? Why else would you have such a stiff upper lip attitude about giving away money for something you should’ve already had in the first place?

Y’all are a bunch of marks.

They were having technical issues and dropped him because it was eating time. They said Frank was being worked on early on, he was even in one of the CGI movies, but they pulled him because they had other characters to work on and time was of the essence. Would you rather have them keep wasting time trying to get Frank to work and potentially sacrifice more characters just because? Personally I have worked on things that needed a few pieces and when 1 thing wasn’t going as planned or proving to be more difficult than planned, you skip it, finish everything else and revisit it if there’s time left. It’s like at a timed exam, you don’t blow all your time scratching your head when you get stuck somewhere, you leave it as a work in progress and finish the rest of the exam, then spend leftover time on the question you skipped.

It’s on disc because the earthquake screwed up the DLC schedule. All the DLC that was planned for MvC3 was postponed and added to UMvC3. Niitsuma said it’s 50/50 on what was suppose to be DLC and what’s new. Frankly, $40 for a new disc with 8 new stages and 12 new characters is better than the $5 per character Capcom was charging for Shuma and Jill. Do the math and pick a price you’d think they’d sell stages for. $40 is a steal.

AE being DLC doesn’t compare since Yun/Yang/Oni/E. Ryu were already on the arcade boards when that shipped. Porting that for console cannot be just as labor intensive as building new characters and stages is. It’s not hard to understand how an earthquake of that magnitude screwed things up and had to make them rethink their plans for MvC3.

I see nothing but a valid reason for why MVc3 could not be released as DLC. If Niitsuma is indeed lying to us, then that would be a shame (he should go out and get laid; that should cheer him up). But since he has stated in two official interviews about the reason they made UMVC3 a disc based release, i am inclined to believe him because he is the damn producer.

Please don’t misinterpret my reaction to the announcement of this game. There are plenty of other reasons to be put off by this game, but the thought of it being a possible DLC release is not one of them.

There’s nothing to prove or disprove that they’ve made significant changes to the netcode so spectator mode would be possible now.
Although it’s probable that it was possible from the start, they were lazy. We can’t prove or disprove the point… so if you like the game buy it, and if you had enough of Capcom’s milking, stop buying their games.

They’ll still make money. And you will have $39.99 extra in your pocket. Win-win, arguably.

This is pretty much what it comes down to.

My favorite one is that The Tsunami fucked up all their plans, so now it has to be disc only.

Or that Megaman just wasn’t requested enough by the fans (I don’t care about megaman, but the point stands).

I just think paying full price after being their beta tester is unconscionable. I’ll buy it when it’s $25, or if there’s a coupon/sale. They can fuck off for $40 - that’s bad form if I already paid for 3/4 of the content.

I feel you, and I’m not being a dick. It just makes me angry when people tell me to “suck it up” when we’re all being treated poorly. That whole “man up” attitude is a little too Type-A for me anyway…

That’s just it though. I didn’t buy any SF4 until a week before AE came out and someone was selling Super for $10. Sure, I’ll take that and get your little AE addition for a total of $25 spent. I’m never buying a Street Fighter game in its first form. Why not just set money on fire?

That didn’t seem to be how they rolled when it came to MvC, so I bought it at full price. Now they’re trying to Street Fighter me and it’s not cool.

In other words…you are still giving Capcom your money.

At a lower price point than $40, sure.

Where’s the logic flaw?

Yeah Capcom is such an evil company for giving us all the DLC they planned out for MvC3 and new shit for the cost of $40 instead of $60 or however much all this would’ve out to as individual DLC had they stuck to that plan

$5 x12 characters = $60 alone and then whatever much they would’ve charged for stages let’s say $2 x 8 stages = $16 sooooo $76 dollars

Anywho, $40 is a steal assuming you enjoy MvC3