Life As A Broadway Star: The Felicia Video Thread

See any footage of our favorite cat-girl you’d like to share? Post it here! Main stuff will be combos, setups, gameplay, and eventually guides. Enjoy!


Some MvC3 Felicia action on Ustream…


I’ll probably write up the breakdown for the combos sometime (even though it’s in the annotations lol)


So, Please Help Me can be comboed?

Yeah, which is amazing and doesn’t even need X-factor! We all were concerned at first because it doesn’t OTG like before, but this is worth it. [media=youtube]Dq9Nb8aHpgw"[/media] Dante’s Level 3 goes right through it!

Also, this video has a majority of Felicia’s fight intro quotes. Best one is with Dormmammu!

Edited Again: [media=youtube]20R6ctiv5Mc"[/media]

Daawwwwwwwwwwwwww… she’s so fukin’ adorable

Looks like he cleaned up the combo


OTG after Level 3 into another Super :smiley:


OTG after Level 3 combo to get another Level 3 :DDDDDDDDDDDD


Ah, cat scratch into super. Vampire Savior ^^;/

Combos and game endings are nice but does anyone have high level felicia footy to link?

So far no one has done anything tutorial or setup wise for our feline sister. D:


Tragics videos. They’re on the main page but I no ones posted them yet.






[media=youtube]9nDlFecEAK8"[/media]. We need more stuff like this boys.

That made my day! expects a swarm of people to start playing Felicia

Bugger me, he totally wiped the floor with that guy. Not much Felicia at the start but more of her later in the video. Super fast with her air throws and great use of Hellcat as well, good bit of Kitty’s Helper and even used it to extend a combo with DHC :rofl:

Great, just when I started to use some advanced stuff like calling in Kitty Helper safely and unblockables with KH, J Wong comes out with this and then people will follow. I don’t know if this is good or bad for me lol

Lol, I know right? Oh well, at least she is getting attention.

I gotta get some recording equipment ASAP. ._.