Life: How long do you think you will live?

So, jokingly, a friend of mind and I were talking about death. I concluded that I won’t love passed the age of 38. My partner will outlive me and carry on my legacy if there is any). I just tend to be a bit reckless (clumsy), daring, and too curious for my own good. Like a rogue ember/spark flicked from the flame of a candle, i really don’t see myself living all that long.

Health-wise, i’m fit as a fiddle, i exercise everyday, eat right, and live drug free.

what about you? you tihnk you’ll outlive your partner?

I don’t drink and I’ve never done any kind of drugs or even tried smoking once. I don’t do stupid and reckless things. live pretty conservatively and enjoy staying home and playing video games or watching movies or just hanging out with my gf.

Having said that, I think I’ll live to about 70. Unless something or someone kills me.

My gf is pretty much the same as me except for playing video games. But she loves, I mean LOVES, sweets with diabetes running in her family. I’m sure she’ll outlive me though.

We’re both pretty healthy… I’m 5’8 weighing 170 pounds and shes 5’3 at 115 pounds.

being in the army its hard to tell.

are u deployed somehwere scary? i hope not.

when i was younger, i always thought i wouldnt make it to my thirties, i did evrything to wild excess. turns out none of that stuff mattered at all, and a freak complication from a common disease is gonna probably do me in. still before thirty, though.

Do you believe in life after love? after love, after love…

Before I’m 50…

I’m a big fitness buff. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, no drugs, etc. I diet & exercise consistently everyday, take vitamins regularly and am in awesome shape.

Furthermore i’ve fully integrated this into my lifestyle. As in, i’ve been at this for so long, that its become a NORMAL part of life for me and thus has become easy to maintain and keep up.

In addition to that i’m also pretty careful & cautious with things. Nearly everyday i’m out on the road outside jogging, and despite being close to the road have never once had a close-call before. Where as i’ve known friends and other fellow fitness guys who’ve told stories about how they were hit by cars, had to jump over cars, etc. WTF? Talk about being careless, which i’m not. Also i’m out on the road waaaaaay more than they are(cardio on treadmill indoors is BOOOORING).

Overall---- Unless i develope some mysterious form of cancer or someone actually shoots me, i’m going to live a longass time. The question is, do i want too? Peak physical health or not, quality of life still takes a big dive after 65. Blehh.

my entire male family gets bad hearts and taps out in their 50’s. However, with medical advances, I am hoping I make it to 60. Ideally, I’d like to see 69, just to at least make a joke about it.

Until the day when I become a successful black man

I don’t think he’s strong enough, bro.

Well…looks like I’m not the only one going for 200+.

Medical advances could keep the more healthy members of this generation alive into the triple digits with relative consistency. Whether anyone wants to live that long is a more fitting and more personal question. Myself? I aim to become the highlander and live forever. There can be only one.

hopefully forever.

Hope to be six feet under by 30 (23 now).

If I make it to 80, I’m going to start doing some wild shit that I’m too afraid to do right now, so probably biting the dust shortly thereafter.

Life is kind of random in the sense that so many things can happen that are beyond your control. This kid was saying the same thing you were saying and then he got into a motor cycle accident and died around Marine Park in Brooklyn. Shit happens, you just never know.

My life has been too easy thus far. Not one hospital visit, no injuries, no illness…nothing.

I conclude that I will be absolutely fucked up by the time I’m 40. I’ve accepted this fact.

dumb typos. :stuck_out_tongue:

eldergod: with my luck, just saying i’m going to die and early death will be just the opposite -i’ll live as long as I’m physically able. :confused: As i’ve matured, ironically i’ve grown to be superstitious about saying/typing/thinking things out loud.

so if i say: “I’m poor as fuck and i’ll never win the lotto” I might just win it. (I wish it worked that way… )

keep in mind, intensity of exercise doesn’t have a bearing on longevity. when you get in the later part of your middle age, it’s probably better to leave the gym altogether and just get a dog.

Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+ | Video on

Are you saying when i hit 40 i should just stop bothering as much, because it won’t do any good?

Edit: and who the hell wants to live to be 100? Not I sir.