Life: How long do you think you will live?

Shooting for 52.

As long as it takes.

meh, imo mid age is 50.

and i’m not saying “give up” working out. working out intensely in later stages of life makes you more susceptible to injury. by “getting a dog” i mean switch your exercise routine to something lower impact. walking the dog twice a day will help maintain your health much better than busting your ass in the gym.

and have fun dying. i’m living at least 1000 years, bitches :cool:

if jim fixx can make it to 52 i should be fine, i run way less than that asshole

I’m probably going to kill myself in my early/mid 40s.

…take THAT old age.

I never think about something like this although I’m not pessimistic. Surprised how low a lot of people are expecting in this thread.

No offense, but a lot of you sound like teenagers.

Uh…yeah. That oughta show it what’s what.

I, on the other hand, will remember you all when men are but fairy tales in books written by rabbits.

and that means, what, exactly?

Living To 100 Life Expectancy Calculator

I’m going to live to be 83, knock on wood.

Imma live forever.

Cause I’m the God of Might.

Like most professional wrestlers, life on the road and performing night after night for my fans will probably lead to heart complications in my early 50s. That and my love of fast cars, fast girls and snorting class A drugs from the cleavage of struggling porn ‘actresses’.

If I had the choice, I’d live forever. It sure beats the alternative.

I think old age will less of an issue by the time we’re in that group due to the advances in regenerative medicine.