Light flash kick as bait



Usually against shotos, I like throwing out the light FK, I know 70% of the time it will be blocked, and the punishment they will inflict is either go for a throw or a sweep. If you get the right distance , you can do chip damage with light FK and be able to FK again just before they get the sweep or throw in.

I only use this against non charge characters with short sweep range, shotos.

If your opponent is not a lazy shoto then you will get killed by doing that, bust most are.


i do this sometimes but not on purpose. I have a similar bait, i throw out a crouching fierce when we’re both crouching and waiting to attack or block from flashkick range. a lot of times they react late to punish but then i flashkick them in the face.


This is poor advice as any decent shoto will combo you into a continue screen. e.g., Ryu can land f.hp from a max-range blocked fk.
Pretty much you’ve created a topic which will give new Guile players a bad habit. Perhaps this’ll work better in Super though.


This does sound a little risky man… Flash kick has bad recovery on it. And I mean BAD…


Yeah, I seem to remember Ryu casually strolling up and throwing me when I used a risky FK with no meter. He also had time to get a sandwich on the way in.


Quoted for Truth. Is this a serious thread or an attempt to make all Guiles even shittier?


This bait wouldn’t work at the arcade.

I don’t see how this works online either.


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Sorry for bringing this back from the dead.

This is not something that you use all the time, I might use this once every 10 matches. I use this with about the same frequency as I use the sweep.

You have to know beforehand what you opponent likes to use on reaction, if he constantly goes for throw or a short sweep on reaction then, this will have a good chance of working once.

Guile does not have the tools to mix things up in any reliable fashion, much of the stuff I do I can usually get away with it; not because it is a good move but because it is unexpected or rare.

Against Gief, my opening move is usually to dash in and throw him into the corner, it works 50% of the time only because it is so retarded that they never expect it.


I just found out there is a video of my guile on youtube.

At exactly the 40 min mark, I chip ryu with a max range light fk, ryu tries to catch me with a sweep but I am too far, then I punish with another light fk. It is not a great example as it was low risk in the sense that I had a big life bar, and the ryu was almost dead.