Light, medium, heavy



What’s the difference between light, medium and heavy Bomb? What are the best situations to use each in your opinion?


I almost always use light because it has a tad more reach that the other versions and that makes it a little easier to tick throw. I think the other versions may cause more stun but I find them much harder to land and won’t use them unless it’s point blank.


Just Damage -

            Damage - Stun

Light 160 -220
Medium 170 -220
Heavy 180- 220
EX 220- 250

I tend to use Light in neutral but after fHP oki situations go for heavy and EX


All normal versions leave you at the same range (post knockdown); EX is slightly closer, haven’t found a use for this yet though.

Range on light and EX are the same, medium is less, fierce has almost no range on it

Damage difference between heavy and light is less than a jabs worth btw and since they all do the same stun I tend to use light a lot more.


I always try to use the version that corresponds to my current range. Usually that means LP version though.
In matchups where is is generally harder to get in I use EX more for the extra damage and stun. I think EX Power Bomb is worth the meter.


I usually am using the light version since it’s the easiest to tick into. Usually there’s better things to use your meter on.