Light Soul Reflect? What's the use?



What’s the use of Light Soul Reflect? Why should someone use the light one instead of the medium one? It has more recovery than the medium one o.o
The meter gain is the same, too


If you’re not trolling, then the answer is that LP Reflect “absorbs” projectiles and builds a huge amount of meter (much more than MP Reflect does), it also powers up her Soul Spark and Super by about 5% every time you absorb a projectile.


omg and I was just using LP reflect to build meter this whole time anyway!!


but LP reflect is good in some instance that her hurtbox is much more smaller than her MP version


It also does the same to the first Soul Satellite as well. Most people don’t know this, so once you have your full Super, they start spamming and probably wonder why Rose keeps absorbing. It goes like this, from 1:52, and then 2:10.

I’m just wondering if you transfer you charge to the next round.


no you dont


lol, never knew. Interesting.