Light up on activation button mod for Mad Catz SE stick


I’ve searched the threads and I found the one thread involving custom made sticks with light up mods and found nothing on it for the Mad Catz SE stick for the PS3. Obviously I have one and I just purchased a Seimitsu Stick and a Seimitsu clear skeleton buttons. I want to mod and have the buttons light up without modding a PCB board and all that other technical stuff. Does anyone know if this is possible? And if there’s references, please lead me to them…thanks to all…


I’m only bumping this because my parts are on the way and I’d love to do this WHEN the parts get here…and I know it’s only been a day, but this isn’t on the front page anymore either…


That hack is using a pcb board…I want one that works on activation of the button…thanks for the help, but not the answer sir…


Ohh well I tried good luck with the whole thing. Someone on this board is bound to have the answer.


Yeah, there’s a thread already here that shows how to mod with a pcb board from an 360/ps3 controller, but I want to do it with the SE stick…I appreciate it man…


It is the same as in the thread about this… you just have to find the 3.3v source on your SE PCB by using a multimeter. Other than that follow the instructions in that thread.


I’m a complete noob on stuff like that and when I asked in that thread there was no answer…and the 3.3v source isn’t going to power a 5V LED is it? Sorry if I’m sounding like an idiot, i really have no idea on electrical stuff…


Try it out! :tup:


And short out an $80 stick that I can’t find anywhere and is on ebay for like 200…lol…I’ll wait till i get a concrete answer/reference…


Even with a good reference you’ll still be risking shorting out your stick. Best of luck though, would definitely be a nice mod!


True, very true…but I’d love for someone to put up a reference showing how to do it JUST to a MadCatz stick and not to a homemade box with a 360/ps3 controller pcb…


Well… if you think you’re going to short out the PCB by connecting a 5v LED to a 3v source then you can just go ahead and close this thread and pay someone else to do it for you. In any rate all the questions to your answers are found in the other thread and on you just have to read, learn, and try.


its hard to explain, but its not hard to do.

you can try finding the source power (+) and the signal (-) with a multimeter and see what DCV you find when activated.

anything below 3 will be ok for any blue white UV LED. for specifically sensitive LEDs that need a specific volt you need to wire a resistor inline to the (+) side of the LED.

on my stick which i use for my PC only with a xbox PCB my source voltage is around 5v (+/-.5) (usb power) and i use blue LEDs rated for 4v max @ 30ma so i just wired them in again (+) side of the LED to the source power and (-) side to the signal side of the button. Now the light up when activated.

also the plastic on my sanwa switches are too thick to display nicely so im switching to seimitsu KNs


Thanks man…when my parts come in, I’ll try that out…I just hope orange leds will look right…I bought seimitsu buttons for that reason…and I didn’t want to wait months on a sanwa stick either…I’ll keep everyone posted…

Is there anyway you can take pics of what you’re talking about…I apoligize for asking so much, but you’re talkin to someone that knows nothing about electrical shit…


??? No. If you want to do a technical mod, you have to expect that it will require both technical stuff and modding.


I meant that as in not have a ps3 controller broken down in a SE box JUST to make my buttons light up…I just wanted to know how to do it without buying a controller to tear it down…


You can extrapolate the knowledge from how to do it for a PS3 controller to do it to a SE. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to do that, you probably shouldn’t be doing the mod in the first place. You know you’re going to have to use a soldering iron right? Have you ever used one before? Pick yourself up an $5 PS2 controller on ebay and practice on that first. You most likely have a few weeks till your parts get here, so take the time to learn how to do that. Read up a little bit. This way you don’t risk breaking something worth $80 and you actually learn something in the process.
Sorry if that seemed like a rant I’m just one of those OCD do it right or don’t do it kind of people.


+1 on the bold part

You say you’re afraid to short it and risk wasting $80 and not being able to replace your arcade stick. You also say you don’t have the technical knowledge to understand the mod (why you need resistors, what resistors you need, if 3.3V will light up your LEDs).

My recommendation is you don’t do the mod, because the mod requires a bit of technical knowledge and you should be able to solder. You wouldn’t play in the NFL if you were really good at football but didn’t know the rules (technical side). You may end up doing well but you might also screw your team over with penalties since you didn’t understand the technical side of it compared to whatever league you normally play in.

Understand DC circuits, look at the schematics in TingBoy’s thread, and THEN do the mod. Tingboy’s thread also shows you how to do it with an external power source if you’re afraid the one on the madcatz pcb won’t supply enough voltage. Just cover up any exposed wire/connections with electrical tape or heatshrink and there should be no way for it to short. The only other way for it to short would be if you hooked up the circuit wrong, in which case you shouldn’t have because you should have understood the schematic before doing the mod.


Touche thirteen, the catch is I have a friend of mine doing the actual modding and I just wanted to see if someone had done this yet without using a ps2 or ps3 pcb and if so, how…I just basically (like Tingboy’s thread) wanted a walk-through on the mod so I could just hand this link over to him and say “here’s how to do it”…dizolit, you make a good point and I submit my statement above as well as a response…I thank you guys for offering the help/advice/verbal backhands which are all deserved…but end all be all I just wanted a walk-through if possible…


Has your friend seen the link for doing it using a regular pad? Show that to him and see what he says. If doing that isn’t above his skill level he should have no problem doing it for a Madcatz stick.