Light up USBs


Thought I’d post this for people interested in modding:

Premium LED Light USB 6-Foot Cable for $1 + free shipping -

They’re light up USB cables. They would probably look pretty sweet, although they are only 6 ft long.



damn. if only they had a longer usb.


yes needs to be longer


they’d be perfect…if they were at least double the length!


Looks like the silver usb cables that sometimes come with a cthulhu. Sum random pic:

I saw a usb cable that had a light at the end of a 360 budget pad with a normal length cable so I know it can be done.

An idea is to basically you can splice the wires together, with one of the silver cables you can get off the net, and put the split in a painted choc box or something for tug-protection.\choc_box_connector_covers\CPE8718%20Chocbox%20in%20situ.jpg


That’s what she said!!! Muahahaha, my bad I couldn’t help it. :rofl: