Lightan main need to learn matchups and wants YOU

…to help him.

I’ve been playing in a little online tourney over at ScrewAttack ( So far I have one loss and one win and I’d like to change that. Basically the loss came from my lack of knowledge on match-ups. He is a good player, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of damage was from random supers that I thought I could beat with a jab or I didn’t know they were grab-type moves.

This is where you come in. I’d like to get some experience with various match-ups and where else but the elite over on this forum. Post you FC here and I’ll schedule some matches.

Here’s mine: 1462-7611-9397

Great, I’ll add you.

So I just played a user by the name of dragoonx. Man, if you’re reading this, stop sucking with Blade/Ryu lol.

Anyway I found out some stuff. j.C beats Blades super (the one where he flies back and forth, crash interlude I think) cleanly. If Ryu is trying to lock you down with Shinkuu Hadouken use a battle ship breaker; you’ll take damage but it will be minimal once you hit him out of it.

double post

no offence but lightan will get crushed by a good blade player. trust me.

I know this, and that’s why he should have won hence me saying he sucks because he didn’t.

Shouldn’t this be taken to the lightan sections?

Anyway, your biggest threat as Lightan is Tekkaman and Tekkaman Blade IMO. Blade is the most pesky because he can jump and use grabbing projectiles and has Crash Intrude, wheras Tekkaman is the most scary due to the damage he can inflict off a lariat.

Tekkaman is a huge threat to you any time he’s in a partner position too, since all the opponent needs to do is land a stray hit on you while summoning him and you’re caught due to not being able to block hits that would combo on your super armor.

Unlike PTX, Lightan doesn’t have any way of breaking through projectiles effectively (no attacks with lingering hitboxes that are safe and reliable to use) so you want to play very cautiously. Get used to approaching with jumps so you can gold crash after blocking, but keep in mind that you’re vulnerable during the startup of your jump.

Another huge threat to you is Megaman Volnutt. A Volnutt who knows how to do his projectile spam right can keep running away from you while barraging you with projectiles, and because he’s constantly moving backwards, jumping and able to block, he’s a pain to catch up with. It’s even worse when he starts using shield gun and you can’t chip him to death.

Probably should be. I just wanted to get some traffic flowing through this thread ( I mean, who really is going to browse the Lightan sub-section?).

And I did find jumping was WAAYY safer than his battleship breaker. I tend to overuse that move. Probably because it works with any other character besides Blade.

I’m not the best in the world but I’ll fight you sometime. Alex/Doronjo user with an occasional VJoe.

Info in sig:

Usually if I play a good Tekkaman Blade player, the only time I would win is if I run the timer down. The best way to defend is jump while defending, when there is an opening use gold crush in the air as your approaching, use occassional stomps if you can from a distance, only use safe moves. Blade is probably Lightan’s worst match up, it forces the Lightan player to time the opponent out, or lose. I’ve beaten quite a few combo masters with Lightan, it defeats their main strategy. All Lightan needs is a tank slice, or low hard kick to knock the opponent on the ground and gold crushing them. Megacrash also combos into gold crush and into his level 3… but for some reason it only does half damage. Which is disappointing, cause then Lightan could use that against run away players by dashing and megacrashing… mega crashing cancels Lightan’s dash… so if your opponent has low health, you can finish it off with dash+cancel dash into megacrash+gold crush+(His level 3, if you have 5 meters.)
Megacrash to gold crush does only 6b damage. It normally does 13-14b.
Megacrash to gold crush and to his level 3 does only 10b damage. It normally does 21b.

I guess someone at Capcom noticed it would be broken if Lightan can megacrash and combo with gold crush and produce a lot of damage, so it seems like that made the super 50% weaker.

Gold Lightan does very good against Roll, PTX40A, Batsu, maybe some others that I don’t know for now.
Gold Lightan fairs badly against Tekkaman Blade, Tekkaman, Yatterman 1, Casshan, Megaman, some others too.

Chun-Li level 3 super is giving me a lot of trouble. Maybe because it’s online and I can’t react, but once it comes out half my life bar is gone. Any tips?

Also I think I’ve learned a lot about Lightan and I think I’ll start posting vids of my fights and you can tell me how I do.

I tried to get in a match with you tonight but you never saw my friend challenge…

Looking forward to the vids. It’ll help a lot in trying to help see where your gameplay flaws are.

Haha weird, I also tried to send you a friend challenge. I was playing a lot of free battles last night so I don’t know if you can see friend challenges during matches. I’ll try to be on 8-ish.

Alright, so I officially quit maining Lightan. I’ve had nothing but problems online and it’s really pissing me off.

So I’ll play somebody with a team, have a nice game , and request a rematch. Then either they’ll pick PTX-40A or Megaman. This is where I have problems. Usually if they pick PTX-40A they’ll just spam the rockets. It seems Lightan has no priority over any of PTX’s moves and I usually just embarrass myself. If they pick Megaman they’ll just do machine gun, pbuster,machine gun, pbuster, etc. and I can’t find any way around it. I did win one game, but it was boring and tedious. So hopefully my arcade stick will come and I can start on my Karas/Doronjo.

Maybe I’ll bring him out once in awhile, but as for now it’s futile.

Never give up! Never surrender! Goooooold cruuuushuuu!!

Lol. Lightan destroys PTX with his stomps and his gold crush super. They out prioritize all of PTX40a’s moves. I usually like to keep away, cause PTX chainsaw rapes Lightan, but if you stand back and give yourself some room you can easily win, do overhead punches too, and 5B. 3C, into aerial kick, into gold crush/goldkick/goldfingercrush. Also, stomp combo’s into Lightan’s gold crush. Tank slice also knocks PTX down for a gold crash. Abuse that gold crash, it’s Lightan’s way of being able to hit stuff from full screen (as long as they are on the ground) That rapes PTX40a since he can’t super jump and has mostly ground based moves. Megaman is much harder. I usually try rushing down Megaman and corner them, do normals that lead into tank slice, then gold crush, stomp, gold crush again. It’s very abuseable.

What’s your friend code?

idk for some reason I don’t buy Lightan’s j.C beating Crash Interlude…

but if it does, then that’s a huge help in his matchup vs Blade

I know I got it on one occasion.

so you quit lightan huh? good for you. hes the joke character of the game you know.