Lighting cannonbal SAVES the day



The ultra 1 is so cool everytime im playing someone that knocked me down. on wake up or whenever im close to him i do it and its unblockable :amazed: why because it has a invisible hit. this hit turns out to save me in almost every match. How do you guys take ultra 1 to an advantage:wink:


it’s definitely not unblockable. People you are playing just don’t know how to block it it. I use ultra 1 for punishes, 50-50s, and in combos.


wait blankas ultra 1 hop part of it is blockable I thought only the rolling portion was only blockable? Does it cross up or something?


When you close basically both parts are unblockable


No, the fighters you’re fighting are just scrubs. Blanka’s ultra is perfectly blockable and easily punished afterward, not to mention vulnerable to special moves that can completely stop it, like Guile can grab it out of the air, Cammy can kick it, even saw a Gouken just use his EX counter move on it. Also characters can just use specials to completely avoid it at a certain distance, like EX uppercuts. :confused: Now if you catch someone poking right next to you it can’t be blockable from that point, if they’re a little further away the first part will hit their limb, but they’ll have time to recover and block before it hits the ground. If you combo into it from a, it’s unblockable, off course only if the connects. I can’t think of anyone’s ultra that’s more punishable than Blanka’s, Capcom just hates the poor guy.


yea Ultra one is easily blockable and punishable. I almost always go with my U2. Just safer overall.


Still a lot of people that don’t know how to block that ultra eh? Kinda funny.


^ It’s not funny, it’s sad.

You block it high on the first hit, because it’s an overhead, and then block it either high or low, doesn’t matter. Most people prefer to block it low; don’t know why, maybe some weird frame data thing.

You also probably caught him because he was probably trying to pressure you with something like crouching mk or something. You can catch people trying to do stuff like that on wake-up. It might even work once or twice against some experienced players, but then they’re just gonna be baiting you to start the Ultra and then punish you severely once it whiffs.


This should help you next time: [media=youtube]5ssYWthtlx8[/media]