Lighting help

hey can anyone out there give me a hand with this? Sweets, i KNOW you love to crit, so why not put your great artistic abilitis to use on this.

i need to figure out how the light would fall from this door, where it would stop, and how it would look once it hits the wall. also how i should go about drawing his shadow.

the vertical yellow stripe is light from a window (in red). the red circle is the vanishing (perspective) point. the horizontal yellow stripe is the beginning of the light from the door.

heres something i idd really fast for ya. i wouldnt make the window light as bright as the door, it just competes as a light source. and i hope your adding alot more detail than this cause it looks pretty boring.

thanks. yeah i’m probably gonna redo do the panel and change the angle slightly. i want the room to be mostly black, kinda like the way you colored it so, i’m gonna zoom in a bit and shift the angle a bit to make it more dynamic.

sfmc just told me the same thing about the window light, that hadn’t even occured to me.

thanks for the help.