Lighting just went off directly behind my apartment


and it scared the dog shit out of me! I’m not normally afraid of lighting but this shit had me spooked. It popped really loud and the crackle lasted alooooot longer than any other lightning strike I’ve experienced before. It almost sounded like a bomb exploding. I’m not white so I’m not going out to investigate but if I hear more like the one I just heard I’m turning all my shit off and going to bed:confused:


I just farted


Sorry, dude. Just thought it would make for some good conversation. I’m definitely not a pro at this stuff.


You need to take a page out of MagnetiX’s book


Not sure I know who Magnetix is. I’ll keep an eye out for him, though.



I see. Well, with all do respect to him I don’t really see how our stories pertain to one another so it would be hard to “take a page from his book”. Maybe next time if my stories were a bit more spicier I would turn to him for some guidance. I know the lightning gig was sorta lame but I was on the site atm so I figured I’d post it.



Everyone poops themselves from time to time.


i just touched my pee pee and it felt good


Maybe you should just take the liberty of spicing up your stories like Mag does.


You should have named this thread “A waste of everyone’s fucking time”, it has a more apt ring to it.



yeah i literally lolled


I just finished reading, “If you give a mouse a cookie…” Pretty good.



“I heard some lightning outside, and then someone just whips his dick out of nowhere, and that nigga was packing heat”…


Yep Magnetix should have made this thread…


Generally, posts like your OP could go in the SRK Lounge thread where people just shoot the shit. If people don’t care, they’ll most likely just ignore it and move on and you’ll be less likely to catch heat for it rather than getting flamed for making a whole new thread on this topic.


that can be some scary $hit! :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHAHA! Oh man…I think I laughed like a little girl there for a second.


I like thunder because it makes any girlfriend I might have nearby cling to me.


Something very wrong about your post and AV combination :rofl:


was the lighting ambient? that shit is pretty scary.