Lightly Used Hori EX2 for 360


Recently purchaced a Hori EX2 from the local game store. I got it for a good price because I’m a regular there, and I planned on modding it. However, when I got home, I realized that I allready had a stack of sticks ready to mod. I’m sure someone else can put this to better use, so I’m going to sell it. This is the first time I’ve sold something on here, so let me know if I need to do anything else. I’ll do a full test and everything before I send it off. US Buysers only, paypal only. Just ask if you want any more info.


You need to post a price.


I was seeing if I could get around $50 for it. I can’t find a new one less than around $60, but I don’t know the exact value of a used one.

I’ve put the stick up for $40 on ebay, with free shipping. I think it’s a pretty good deal myself…