Lightning Label Customs Product Giveaway!


Ok Ladies and Gents, since I am going to stop making metal panels and plexis for the community, I wanted to go ahead and do something to thank everyone for the support i have been given.
I am going to do a big giveaway!
I am going to be giving away a few products.

There will be 10 winners total.

The first two winners will get

  • a metal panel(choice of anything i currently offer and in stock)
  • A plexi cover for the panel
  • Printed artwork

The next 8 winners will get a Lexan cover for the stick of their choice. (of course i must support it)

*These prizes are subject to change
What that means is that I may increase the number of metal panel or plexi winners. I will not decrease the number of panel or plexi winners once the numbers are posted here but either can increase but i am not trying to go broke. :slight_smile:

This is open to everyone within the community(international included).
I am also going to be shipping these items free anywhere in the U.S.(international may have to pay some of the shipping cost.)

In order to be eligible you have to do a couple of things.
First you have to like this post.
Once that is done I will PM you a number, after you get this number you must PM me the number back and also include your name and address in the PM.
For Example this is how it will go.



John Doe

John Doe
12345 John Doe Lane
Someplace, Somewhere 12345

*It is very important that you give me the address that this will be shipped as that is the address that the prize will be shipped to.

This will be running for the next month or two so if you are interested feel free to do as mentioned.
Just wanted to thank everyone(well the majority) in the community for all the support that i have been given in this endeavor to bring you this service.
I have really enjoyed making alot of your custom panels and providing you with something that I personally thought was really cool and fun to do.

P.S. I will start issuing numbers numbers Sunday.


Aww man, I haven’t been following your thread here but I’m sad to see you go. I really like your product, and it seemed like you were growing as an operation, but I guess that’s part of the problem–too many things?

Best wishes!


I was hoping you add the next wave of layouts to your product lines, I hope everything is ok. Cheers.


Wow man I had no idea. Either way I wish you the best of luck in what ever you do in the future.


Thanks for supporting the FGC.


Sorry to hear you go. Just had my bro order up a SE hitbox panel from you. Best of wishes.


I did not know you had hitbox panels for SE. I’ll take one of those if you still have some.


i have one of your TE panels. good stuff. your skills will be missed.


Bummer to hear, but I can understand. Thanks for all the hard work!


Select hitbox on the dropdown menu. He said he’ll still support things for the next month or so. So YMMV.


Best of wishes. I was really looking forward to order a few lexan covers from you.


Thanks! Now my only problem is the custom layout wont work for me.


Its sad to see you give this up, but all good things come to a end sooner or later.


I’d like to join but i’m iffy giving out my address. How about a paypal verified email?


I hope I can still take advantage of your service before you close down :frowning: You’ve made some great stuff and gave opened up so many options!!!


Thanks for the nice gesture. Always depressing to see a member of the community go.


Hmm I liked this on facebook and on the forum link… I guess you meant the on the forums :D. In it to win it :stuck_out_tongue:


Damnit. I’m extremely sad to read about this; I absolutely love my TE-S metal plate and plexi. I guess I gotta make up my mind about getting the VS stick.
I’ve got nothing but respect for you and all the work you’ve done. Good luck in your future endeavors.


Numbers have been going out and will continue to keep going out just give it some time as I almost forgot how much i absolutely hate this PM system. >:(

I completely understand not wanting to give out that information, the only reason I can not accept paypal verified email addresses is because you would then be able to enter multiple times and I am trying to make this as fair as possible as I want everyone to have an equal chance. That is why i take your name and address because that is exactly where i am sending it if you win.
Thanks for all the love guys, please make sure to put the address where the prizes will be shipped because that is exactly where i will be sending it so make sure it is correct.
Also I am going to up the prizes to 10 :tup: maybe even more ;).


Good luck in your future endeavors hombre.