Lightning Legs AND Speed: The Chun-Li Thread



A general thread for all Chun players. Feel free to share and discuss whatever MvCI Chun stuff comes to mind.


Combos for all the stones.


Looking forward to more cute combos and tech from you Marlon. Dunno if I’ll be going to Canada Cup or not, but if I am you better do some cute stuff in pools. Might play Chun on the side depending on how I’m feeling. She looks too good to not at least understand a bit.


I-I’ll do my best!

Or at least until a better Chun starts putting stuff out lol.


I figured I’d share to see if anyone had any ideas… this is a corner combo I’ve been working on. I feel like there’s room for something better after the kikoanken.
Current combo lands approximately 5600 - 5700 damage meterless with no stones or tags. I was able to confirm it works on small bodies like Rocket as well.

EDIT: I was able to optimze the beginning a little more thanks to MarLonLonMilk’s video. Now we’re looking at 5900 meterless no stones or tags. Thanks!

I still am struggling to find a good way to end the combo after the kikoanken if I want a setup instead of straight damage. Because I already used the lightning leg spike I can’t end the combo with it to get the backdash kikosho to force a mixup. I tried moving the kikoanken to earlier in the combo and removing the air legs until the end but either way they roll out before I can end air legs with the spike to the ground :frowning:

Just shy of 6K but considering it’s corner to corner from a cr.LK, I think that’s pretty good.
Edit: I forgot how to embed


My Corner to Corner Chun:

My Fancy Corner Combo:

My Basic Corner Combo:

Just discovered this full screen carry for people who only like to use HP:


Made a playlist for Chun/Dante Mvci - Dante/Chun:


One thing that makes me a little sad so far is that all the cool looking Chun combos do roughly the same amount of damage as the simpler combos. I know crazy long and massive damage combos are the theme for this Marvel, but it still stings.


Its all going to be about the setups. Right now we’re all still optimizing damage but Chun’s usefulness as a tag partner to put a setup in place isn’t readily apparent outside of kikosho yet. Doesn’t seem like she has many moves locking the opponent in place outside of supers and maybe SBK. Perhaps an unblockable situation can be established with Too bad you can’t use that after another normal move.

Regardless, I think her combos can be further optimized. Most people are hitting 5k meterless but I think its probably in the realm of possibility to hit 6k meterless (at least in the corner.) I really don’t like ending combos with her air super unless your partner is someone like Spiderman or maybe Captain Marvel who can do something after? I dunno.


Check this out.
I’m sure it’s known because I accidentally bug the super all the time, but can this be a good cross up?
I set the CPU to jump back out of air stun and it can’t off that.


6k from a cr.LK starter, corner to corner. Also builds nearly 2 bars.


This wall to wall combo has been super reliable for me:

I was messing around with her charge moves, but I can’t make them really worth it. Also my thumb is really sore, when I’m charging a move I feel like I have to put so much pressure on the button lol.


Almost 7k damage starting with 0 bar by herself. Along with a corner to corner combo inspired by @rayplay’s tweet. Thank you for the idea!

I was looking for ways to get Chun’s charged Kikoken into a corner to corner combo and keep it optimized. Your corner to corner combo filled in the last piece of the puzzle lol.


Damn, I want to try my own take on that. Looks sick.


Really nice stuff. I used my starter for that one again just to see the meter gain for it and,

2 bars and like 5% of 3rd. I think counter switching constantly is going to be viable for her since she has low HP, but builds meter absurdly fast.


My new favorite thing to do in this game: When the opponent activates their surge just super jump and tenshokyaku all day. Very few people seem to know how to handle it yet and its super helpful for wasting time. This is the kind of lame shit I love to do in these Marvel games! Not the crazy rushdown everyone else loves.


I do that too lmao. Super Jump, 3 down down hk’s and air dash. I bet you can even qcf. hk and too. Or both.


Aren’t charged Kikoken combos the coolest thing!?


So Chun can combo off every grab except air back throw not near corner as far as I can tell.

Also, I found this glitch setup that can maybe setup a reset or grab:

Reality storm owns lol, saved my combo today:

My Max Damage off of 1 Bar currently. only works on Hulk though: