Lightning Legs


I’m trying to learn MvC1 and this is my first time using Chun in any game. Try as a might, I cannot get Lightning Legs to come out consistently no matter how fast I tap. Any pointers? (On Pad)


On pad my old rapid-fire technique on snes was to swipe my thumb fully across the button back and forth, negating the need to take my thumb off the controller. May be considered mashy these days, I don’t know.


Yeah. Playstation 3 Controller to be exact.


Sorry haha didn’t notice the (on pad) bit til after my comment. Edited :slight_smile:


Also, I don’t know ps3 controlls, and it may be a pain to re-learn. But would mapping a kick to a shoulder button help? Then you could just double tap it with your index and middle finger, like you would on an arcade stick.


The PS3 pad isn’t great for that, or at least, in my case where on GGPO, I would use a PSX pad and map the two R buttons to kicks and alternate. Basically…
Config: X=lk, O=mk, R1=hk

LK lightening legs = X, O, R1, R2, X
MK = X, O, R1, R2, O
HK = X, O, R1, R2, R1

R2 was a LK

But the PS3 trigger screws that up for me.

I’ve moved to the swipe method if I have to multi-tap something. Slide my thumb from X~O~X~O and then the last is whichever kick I want. If it’s an MK LL’s I’m going for, I start on O instead of X.


For old games like MvC1, there’s no piano-ing afaik, you need to tap the button rapidly (at least five times) to get the Lightning Kick.

You can have two fingers tapping on one button to get LL faster.


Yeah, right you are. My bads